Yemen Relief 2015 Campaign [REPORT]

Date / Duration : 03 October 2015 to 09 November 2015
TOTAL FUNDS: 105,059.40 ZAR to Gift of Givers Foundation – 42,054.40 ZAR- Zakaah 63,005.00 ZAR- Lillaah

Since March 2015 the people of Yemen have been ravaged by a bloody war between the Houthi rebels and supporters of Yemen’s internationally recognised government. In a country already gripped by hunger, death and starvation stares the Yemeni people in the face everyday. Colours of Hope ran a short but well coordinated project running for the month of October to 09 November 2015. The project saw several people respond to the Yemen Relief 2015 Campaign with winter wear and various food items especially baby formula for the malnourished babies in the impoverished Arab state. Apart from Colours of Hope ladies and volunteers making efforts to raise funds, the ladies of Roosevelt and Montgomery Park lent a huge helping hand in raising funds at their Spring Garden Tea held in Montgomery Park on 31 October 2015 for the Yemen Relief 2015 Campaign. 22 November 2015 was the first step to see everyone’s hard work come to fruition. COH team helped in packing the containers ready for Yemen at the Gift of Givers Logistic Centre in Bramley View, Johannesburg.