A poem written by a Syrian sister 


I was a student, once.
I graduated from a prestigious university and shook hands with its founder when I received my diploma.

Now my hands grasp at others’ unwanted clothes;
They Cling desperately to donated gifts for my children;
They Shove aside other mothers who might win these prizes instead of me.

I was a teacher, before.
I taught English to Syria’s brightest and used up the electricity marking books late into the night.

Now strangers speak to me slowly, like a baby, asking “Do…you…understand?”

And I fool myself that I’m sleeping when night falls
That there is no light but the stars’ to see by.
Really I am doing the same as in daylight, just on my back.

I was a neighbour, back then.
I made baklava and brought it to Aleema when she was ill.
We car-shared on school runs.

Now I live next to strange men who shout and fight late into the night, whilst I clutch my children;

I live Next to foreign women who pull my hair and accuse me of cutting in the lunch line.

I was a woman, long ago.
I wore make up, I went shopping with friends in Damascus.
I brushed my black hair before a dressing table mirror.
Now I wash with wet wipes.
I search for donated shoes that fit;
style is a rare and happy coincidence.

I queue to use portable toilets filled hourly by thousands of ill and unwashed strangers.
Those that bother to use them, at least.

I was a wife.
Ahmad brought me bracelets from the market on his way home from work.
He got grumpy when I woke him in the morning but smiled when he heard me singing.
He hugged our children,
And kissed me before he left,
And went out humming, as he always does.
As he always did.
Now I tell my name to the English girl before me and shake my head when she asks for my husband’s name
She nods and tries to look understanding.

But what can she understand?
This girl, barely more than a teenager,
Never having known war, never having loved, never having had to run from chaos to strife, never having lost?
What can she know?

But then
I remember,
and I forgive.
For I was her,

Salaamedia Syrian Paralysis campaign tea

Yesterday’s tea in Lenasia, in aid of the Salaamedia Syrian Paralysis campaign…
Listening to sister Safaa and brother Azhar’s accounts of experiences in Syria, made one feel an even deeper empathy for these people.
They were once just like me and you, infact they still are…
They’re really just going through untold suffering and those who have become refugees just want to be accepted like everyone else.
They’re honourable people, they don’t beg, they work to support their starving families, they have generous hearts despite their poverty.
Pray for them with your heart, support them.
We are after all their brothers and sisters.

Salaamedia report back on the Syria Campaign [audio]

Salaamedia Syrian Paralysis Campaign [REPORT]

Date / Duration : 25 February 2016 to 13 April 2016
TOTAL DIAPERS: 39 100 diapers to Salaamedia / Salaam Foundation – 22 030 Adult diapers – 17 070 Children diapers

Thousands of Syrians who have been, literally, torn apart by the war have been left mamed and disabled. It is a common sight to see Syrians of all ages without a limb or two, or an incapacitated father who was the only bread winner in the home, now unable to fend for his family. No amount of words can do justice to how that man feels. There is no dignity even in relieving oneself in such a tragic condition. Adult diapers is an essential for many disabled who have nothing and no one to aid them. Colours of Hope assisted by collecting adult and baby nappies (diapers) on behalf of Salaamedia for paralysed Syrian refugees, to be shipped from South Africa to coordinating partners, the IHH, in Turkey.

Syria Paralysis Campaign Walk

The chilly morning was warmed by the bright smiles of the dedicated ladies of Montgomery and Roosevelt Park.
Nothing more energizing than an early morning walk!
It was the purpose of the walk that made all the difference !!!!

Syrian Paralysis Campaign MR Ladies Walk for Syria 

 MR Ladies Walk for Syria 

An ” MR LADIES ” and Colours of Hope initiative in conjunction with the Salaamedia Syrian Paralysis Support Campaign.

Our Syrian brothers,sisters and children need us!
Lets unite and walk for this cause.
Kindly donate a packet of adult or kids diapers or ladies sanitary ware at the walk.
If you are unable to attend we welcome your donation as well.

Date: 9 April 2016

Time 8 am

Meet at: Gibbons Park,
Montgomery Park

Ladies and children only

We will also be sending Ramadaan greeting cards from our children to the children of Syria Insha Allah.

Please let us know if your child would like to colour and send a card.
A card will be e-mailed to you beforehand. (We did this last year for the kids in Palestine and Syria)

The duas and messages from our children are priceless!Subhan Allah!!

Cards will be collected at the walk as well, Insha Allah.

All donations will be handed over to the Colours of Hope org who will then deliver to the Salaamedia offices.

For details pls contact :
Moonirah ( 082 333 8746 )
Shaatirah ( 084 583 2190 )

Syrian Paralysis Campaign donation

Jazaakallahu Khair to our Colours of Hope volunteer in Marlboro and her community for their donation to the Salaamedia Syria Paralysis campaign .
10 600 diapers were donated !!!
Your donation will make a huge difference in the lives of many paralysed Syrian refugees!

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