Idlib Emergency Response (Medical Aid) 2018 [REPORT]

Date / Duration : 06 to 22 September 2018

TOTAL FUNDS: 73,728.77 ZAR to One Nation UK

10,572.77 ZAR – Lillaah

63,156.00 ZAR – Zakaah

One Nation (Registered charity no 1156200) is a UK-based relief and development agency, has been operating in Syria since 2014 and has teams on the ground who continue to monitor the situation on a daily basis. They operate on a 100% donation policy. On 22 September 2018, an amount of £3,770 (approx ZAR73,728.77) was donated to One Nation UK toward the purchase of medcal aid. With these funds, teams in the UK were able to purchase the following:

  • 4 baby incubators
  • 1 X-ray machine
  • 1 part for patient monitor
  • 3 syringe drivers
  • 3 patient-controlled analgesia pumps

The items were loaded onto a conatiner which left the UK around 16 October 2018. The conatainer reached Syria end of November at which point the items were tested and arranged for distribution. The distributions took place at different times but below is a list of the distribuitions:

Hospital Quds in Dana, Northern Syria

  • 2 baby incubators
  • 1 mobile X-ray machine
  • 1 patient monitor
  • 3 syringe drivers
  • 3 patient-controlled analgesia pumps

Hospital Umaymi, Idlib City

  • 1 baby incubator

Hospital Al- Salaam, Idlib City

  • 1 baby incubator

Donation to Gaza Medical Rehabilitation [REPORT]

Date / Duration : July to August 2017
TOTAL FUNDS: 28,679.25 ZAR to Al Imdaad Foundation
27,100.00 ZAR- Zakaah – 1,579.25 ZAR- Lillaah

The Al-Imdaad Foundation has been working in Palestine since its inception in 2003 and has made tremendous and significant strides in rehabilitating the over-burdened health sector in Gaza. Al Imdaad runs a medical rehabilitation programme for poor Palestinians, needing specialised treatments that at times, are not available in the country. The Al- Imdaad Foundation covers the expense of these specialised treatments, which have been undertaken in other regional centres.

The donation towards the Al Imdaad Gaza Medical Rehabilitation project was made on 30 August 2017. Colours of Hope hopes to continue to be a part of sustainable health care not just in Gaza but wherever it is needed all over the world.

Songs For Syria [REPORT]

Date / Duration : 02 February 2017

Colours of Hope supported a South African National Muslim Womens Forum (SANMWF) initiative called “Songs for Syria” where various forums and volunteers sold tickets to a fund raising concert showcasing talent from South Africa. The event held on 02 April 2017 at the Wits Linder Auditorium was a lovely heart warming experience with Yusuf Abramjee and Qari Ziyaad Patel talking about the situation of orphans near the Turkish border (Reyhanl-Kilis refugee camp). Al-Imdaad is assisting IHH aid organization from Turkey in raising funds to manage the Tiny Hearts Village. Proceeds of this fund raiser went to Imdaad for an orphanage in Syria.

SANMWF National Cake Sale for Syria [REPORT]

Date / Duration : 28 January 2017
TOTAL FUNDS: R46,250.00 ZAR to Gift of Givers Foundation and Operation SA

22,375.00 ZAR – Operation SA
22,375.00 ZAR – Lillaah 0.00 ZAR – Zakaah

23,875.00 to Gift of Givers Foundation
22,375.00 ZAR – Lillaah 1,500.00 ZAR – Zakaah

Kaashifa Ismail co-founder and chair of Colours of Hope liased with the South African National Muslim Womens Forum (SANMWF) as did several women forums in South Africa to present the National Cake Sale for Syria. Colours of Hope was joined by H4U support Group, Robertsham and Maids of Deen from Mayfair on 28 January 2017 where treats and bakes were sold to the public. The event made 3rd Avenue in Mayfair buzz that Saturday for a worthy cause, most of all, it created awareness to the plight of the Syrian refugees. Colours of Hope’s newly launched Syria Medi Campaign (launched 20 December 2016) was to benefit from this cake sale, with half of Colours of Hope’s proceeds going to Gift of the Givers and half to the Yusuf Abramjee led OperationSA #SAveSyria. Ismail added 1,500 ZAR zakaah cash contribution to the 22,375.00 ZAR to Fadia Jacobs of Gift of the Givers to make it 23,875.00 ZAR. The remaining half of the funds raised from the cake sale (22,375.00 ZAR) was deposited into the SANMWF bank account for OperationSA #SAveSyria. The SANMWF then deposited a total amount of all the collective cake sales for Syria.

Cake Sale in aid of Syria


All praises to Almighty Allah for granting us a super sweet day! Yesterday’s cake sale at Yummy was a success Alhamdulillah.
I say successful because in my opinion, success is not based on HOW MUCH you make but on HOW PURE our intention is,
the UNITY we have amongst one another,
the feeling of empathy (particularly the plight of the Syrian people),
Making Dua before, while and after our fundraiser begging Allah to remove the suffering of our brethren in Syria.. to accept our meagre efforts and to forgive us.
Vibes were awesome,superb teams working together (Maids of Deen and H4U), generous folk, smiles all round…
It’s simply impossible not to smile .. when there’s cake and balloons! 

Syria Medi Campaign [REPORT]

Date / Duration : 19 December 2016
TOTAL FUNDS: 227,905.02 ZAR

129,245.25 – One Nation
78,012.43 ZAR – Lillaah 51,232.82 ZAR – Zakaah

98,659.77 to Gift of Givers Foundation
40,092.59 – Lillaah 58,567.18 – Zakaah

The Syrian war is one of the worlds largest humanitarian crisis that the world has witnessed and failed to intervene. Thousands continue to die as a result of the frequent air-strikes or barrel bomb attacks in populated areas. Many hospitals have been specifically targeted leaving doctors often to choose which patient to save due to lack of medical equipment and sheer influx of patients pouring into hospitals. Co-founder of Colours of Hope, Sauda Ismail made contact via Twitter with Dr. Shahjul Islam, a UK trained medical doctor volunteering In Syria. He mentioned that medical equipment was necessary to treat patients pouring into hospitals. Before long, Ismail came up with the unique project name #SyriaMediCampaign and so began the donations. One Nation UK have been one of the leading donors in this cause.

South African humanitarian and disaster relief organisation, Gift of the Givers have established two hospitals in Idlib, Syria; namely Ar-Rahmah and Hilaal hospitals.

A successful SANMWF national cake sale was held on 28 January 2017
with majority of funds donated to Operation SA’s #SAveSyria by various
Muslim Womens Forums. COH (Colours Of Hope), H4U Support Group
and Maids of Deen handed over 23,875.00 ZAR from the proceeds of
this cake sale to Mrs. Fadia Jacobs of the Gift of the Givers Foundation
on 30 January 2017. A further donation of 74,784.77 ZAR (17,717.59 ZAR Lillaah and 57,067.18 ZAR Zakaah) was donated to Gift of the Givers on 13 September 2017.

On 21 August 2017 a donation of 129,245.25 ZAR was donated via First National Bank Forex to One Nation (UK) for medical equipment to be purchased and distributed in hospitals in Idlib.

This project did not reach the target unfortunately trailing by some 23,000 ZAR. We hope that donations for this will continue and funds can be donated and referenced Syria Med L (for lillaah) or Syria Med Z (for zakaah).

A poem written by a Syrian sister 


I was a student, once.
I graduated from a prestigious university and shook hands with its founder when I received my diploma.

Now my hands grasp at others’ unwanted clothes;
They Cling desperately to donated gifts for my children;
They Shove aside other mothers who might win these prizes instead of me.

I was a teacher, before.
I taught English to Syria’s brightest and used up the electricity marking books late into the night.

Now strangers speak to me slowly, like a baby, asking “Do…you…understand?”

And I fool myself that I’m sleeping when night falls
That there is no light but the stars’ to see by.
Really I am doing the same as in daylight, just on my back.

I was a neighbour, back then.
I made baklava and brought it to Aleema when she was ill.
We car-shared on school runs.

Now I live next to strange men who shout and fight late into the night, whilst I clutch my children;

I live Next to foreign women who pull my hair and accuse me of cutting in the lunch line.

I was a woman, long ago.
I wore make up, I went shopping with friends in Damascus.
I brushed my black hair before a dressing table mirror.
Now I wash with wet wipes.
I search for donated shoes that fit;
style is a rare and happy coincidence.

I queue to use portable toilets filled hourly by thousands of ill and unwashed strangers.
Those that bother to use them, at least.

I was a wife.
Ahmad brought me bracelets from the market on his way home from work.
He got grumpy when I woke him in the morning but smiled when he heard me singing.
He hugged our children,
And kissed me before he left,
And went out humming, as he always does.
As he always did.
Now I tell my name to the English girl before me and shake my head when she asks for my husband’s name
She nods and tries to look understanding.

But what can she understand?
This girl, barely more than a teenager,
Never having known war, never having loved, never having had to run from chaos to strife, never having lost?
What can she know?

But then
I remember,
and I forgive.
For I was her,

Saving Syria The Sweet Way Cake Sale [REPORT]

Date / Duration : 01 November 2015

In an initiative headed by Helping Hands Loving Hearts, Colours of Hope, together with several forums and organizations donated cakes, snacks sweet and savoury to raise funds for Syria in a cake sale- “Saving Syria the Sweet Way”. This fundraiser was held on 01 November 2015 for Syria relief. The cake sale yielded a total of ZAR 40,000 and was donated to Al Imdaad Foundation for their Syria relief.

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