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My Rohingya- A Rohingya Story


“My hands and legs were tied and then the Burmese military poured boiling water on my whole body, this after I had been already tortured seriously by savage military. I finally fell unconscious. After a few minutes, I woke up and in the dim light sighted my house which was burning. The villagers were screaming for help, and it made me heartbroken that I was unable to move. Finally, I was able to crawl away and get refuge from the killing fields.”

Colours of Hope Popup

Thank you ALL who made our popup successful. To the owners at Sollys Corner, thanks for checking up on us and supporting #CoH. Thank you Sister Fatima Abraham, Sister Naseema Nalla and the Crosby Ladies Forum, UpperCrust Bakery Lenasia and ofcourse the #COH team.
Much appreciated.
#awesomeness #greatful #togetherwecandosomuchmore

Rohingya Women Friendly Space (#MyRohingya Campaign) 2018 [REPORT]

Date: 16 November 2018

Beneficiary: Rohingya Refugees in Balukhali Camp, Bangladesh

TOTAL FUNDS: 123,438.95 ZAR to My Restless Beings 

47,688.95 ZAR – Lillaah

75,750.00 ZAR – Zakaah

With donations coming in since the launching of COH’s #MyRohingya Campaign, COH decided the donations best be used for a Women Friendly Space. Mabrur Ahmed of RestlessBeings in conjunction with Pulse, Bangladesh informed COH that donations were required to erect the structure. an amount of ZAR123,438.95 was donated to RestlessBeings via TotalGivingUK (crowdfunding page) on 16 November 2018. 

The Women Friendly Space will be run by women, for women of all ages and with the needs, rights, dignity and safety of Rohingya women at the heart of all the services. This space will provide one to one counselling with advanced support for victims of rape, education, clothing, recreational spaces, bathing facilities, breastfeeding room, services for expecting mothers or those who have given birth, a garden and outdoor meditation space alongside many other things catered to ensuring Rohingya women and girls have access to what they really need during this difficult period for them.

MY Rohingya – Iqra Play Centre

Thank you Apa Safiyya Patel of Iqra Play Centre, Newcastle for hosting Colours of Hope #MyRohingyaCampaign Awareness presentation. Thank you mums for your participation and your messages of #LoveHopeCarepostcards #Salaamedia

My Rohingya- Fundraising Lunch

#MyRohingya Fundraising Lunch

One common message from every speaker resonated at the #MyRohingya Fundraising Lunch- “We need to do more than just donate”.
Change from within was the message from co-founders of Colours of Hope, Sauda Ismail and Kaashifa Jamal, while advocate Shabnam Mayet of Protect the Rohingya urged the audience to spread awareness and be pro-active in the protests and not be complacent with the current status. “We have failed the Rohingya” was Salaamedia’s Azhar Vadi words. The audience were left in tears with harrowing narratives from Protect the Rohingya’s Zeenat Adam and MSF’s Director of Fundraising, Ludivine Houdet along with moving visuals from both MSF and Salaamedia.

Project Kids Can- Funday at Chaand’s Farm

The funday at Chaand’s farm was a success, Alhamdulillah.
Kids not only enjoyed themselves but remembered their brothers and sisters in Yemen and Somalia by donating large amounts of canned items.
Way to go, kids!!!
We thank sister Soemaiya Chaand and the Potchefstroom Muslims Women’s forum for their sterling work in assisting us with Project #KidsCan !!
Jazaakallahu Ahsanal Jazaa, may your forum grow from strength to strength.

#MyRohingya Campaign [REPORT]

Date / Duration: 16 September 2017
TOTAL FUNDS: 105,290.21 ZAR

65,040.21 ZAR to al Imdaad Foundation (AIF) for meals to Rohingya refugees
65,040.21 ZAR – Lillaah

40,250.00 ZAR to Mèdicins Sans Frontières/ Doctors Without Borders (MSF) for Diphtheria Intervention
17,200.00 – Lillaah
23,050.00 – Zakaah

Colours of Hope held a Womens Fundraising Lunch for Rohingya Relief on 05 November 2017. 210 ladies attended the event. Speakers included Shabnam Mayet- Advocate and Spokesperson for Protect The Rohingya, Zeenat Adam- International Relations and member of Protect the Rohingya, Ludivine Houdet, Head of Resource Mobilisation of MSF Southern Africa and journalist and Co Director of Salaamedia- Azhar Vadi.
A total of 65,040.21 ZAR was donated on 20 December 2017 to the Al Imdaad Foundation who reported thus:

Following the most recent rounds of violence on the historically persecuted Rohingya minority in Myanmar beginning August 25th, 2017, more than 650 000 refugees have fled across the border into Bangladesh bringing the number of Rohingya in the country close to a million. The newly displaced refugees are living in very poor conditions in overcrowded camps in and around the Cox’s Bazar area in Southern Bangladesh. Most refugees left home with little but the clothes on their backs and have been eking out an existence in the camps living hand to mouth often solely reliant on humanitarian distributions. Al-Imdaad Foundation has been conducting projects for the benefit of the refugees since early September 2017 and the current project brought about by generous donations from your organisation is part of this initiative. The project aimed to provide nutrition for Rohingya refugees who have been struggling with hunger and inadequate food security.

09 January 2018
This project involved the purchase and slaughter of cows and the preparation of a fresh curried meal for Rohingya refugees in various camps and settlements around Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh.
The slaughtered cows were cooked in large pots on open flame fires as per the local method. The food was then packaged into individual serving containers and distributed along with freshly prepared rice. The meals were distributed hot to refugees from the Gundum (Camps 1, 2 and 3) and Balukhali Camp.
The generous contribution from Colours of Hope was able to provide fresh, hot, wholesome meals for approximately 3,202 individuals at a cost of R20.00 per meal. Many refugees have been struggling with basic nutrition so the opportunity to have a proper meal was greatly appreciated by the beneficiaries.

Close to the Kutupalong makeshift camp in Cox’s Bazar district, MSF runs a clinic offering comprehensive basic and emergency healthcare, as well as inpatient and laboratory services to Rohingya refugees and the local community.

On 5 December 2017, a Market Day Fundraiser for Rohingya Relief was held by COH and the support of Volunteer, Rubeena Jadwat of Newcastle, KZN. Proceeds of the event was donated to MSF on 27 December 2017.
A total of R40,250.00 was donated to Mèdicins Sans Frontieres/MSF (Doctors Without Borders) and used towards the MSF Diphtheria Intervention.

Diphtheria, a disease long forgotten in most parts of the world, is re-emerging in Bangladesh, where more than 655,000 Rohingya have sought refuge since 25 August 2017, following increased violence in Myanmar.Diphtheria is a contagious bacterial infection that often causes the buildup of the sticky grey-white membrane in the throat or nose. The infection is known to cause airway obstruction and damage to the heart and nervous system. The emergence and the spread of diphtheria show how vulnerable Rohingya refugees are. To contain the spread of the diseases, the most important measure is to ensure vaccination coverage in the shortest possible time. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, with the support of other entities, started a mass vaccination campaign, which MSF have been supporting by setting up fixed points in our health posts. Ludivine Houdet, Head of Resource Mobilisation of MSF Southern Africa-
“The funds of Colours of Hope has been key to support MSF Diphtheria intervention. As of 21 December, MSF has seen more than 2000 suspected cases in its health facilities and the number continues to rise each day. The majority of patients are between 5 and 14 years old. By the end of January 2018, MSF teams treated more than 4,000 cases of diphtheria, the majority of patients were aged 5-14 years old”.

My Rohingya- Fundraising Lunch

One of the items that were auctioned at the #MyRohingya Fundraising Lunch. Thank to the donors and to those who bought the items. May your spending for this cause reach the refugee

My Rohingya – Messages

Melts my heart to see the messages from our kids to the people of Rohingya.
Such concern from kids is something we need to value and nurture.
Close to 300 postcards up on the wall, heartwarming to see.

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