Malawi Iftar 2020 Food Pack Distribution

Malawi Iftar 2020 Food Pack Distribution
22 May 2020/ 28 Ramadan 1441
The One Humanity team on the ground in Malawi were able to distribute 660 food packs sponsored by Colours of Hope to 660 poor and needy Muslim families from 9 villages in the Mulanje district in the Southern region of Malawi.
This area is considered one of the many poor areas where no food aid had reached them prior to this distribution in Ramadhan.
The beneficiaries received food packs which included 12 kg maize flour, 2 kg rice, 2 kg beans, 1 kg salt, 1 litre cooking oil, 1 unit matches, 1 packet candles, 450 g juice powder, 50 g tea, 2 kg sugar, 990 g soya pieces.
May Allah accept from everyone!

Lebanon Iftar Appeal 2020

Lebanon Iftar Appeal 2020
The economic crisis that hit Lebanon in October 2019 has been compounded by the CoVid-19 lockdown since March 2020, grinding the country to a halt.
For many Syrian and Palestinian families already facing difficulties in meeting their basic survival needs, this crisis makes life so much tougher.
With such living conditions and Lebanon’s weak infrastructure and public services, the chances of Syrian and Lebanese communities meeting their social, economic, and medical needs continue to diminish.
Thank you to the

One Nation

team. May Allah Most High bless every person out there making a difference in uplifting the lives of these people.

Uyghur Iftar Appeal 2020

Uyghur Iftar Appeal 2020
The distribution was of two types:
1. From

Lonely Orphans

Uyghur School to Uyghur widows and vulnerable families

2. Door to door distribution to exiled Uyghur households
Due to lock down, as well as inability to come out, the only way to get food to these families is by doing door to door distributions.
Alhamdulillah! May Allah accept from us all.

Iftaar Appeal- Mini MuslimsPreschool

#iftar2019 #minimuslims #makingadifference

Mini Muslims (Mayfair West), Educator J wanted to imbibe the spirit of empathy in her little ones this Ramadaan.
Her idea was, for the kids to paint a “canvas of love”, and allow parents to purchase their children’s canvases.

She then contributed the funds to Colours of Hope Iftaar 2019.

Teacher J explained,
“Our painting of love and rainbows gave us inspiration to contribute Iftaar to children who haven’t eaten in days while we in South Africa indulge in a luxurious Iftaar.
Alhamdulillah, with the help of our parents and educators we managed to fill a belly with food and happiness.
What seemed like mere fun and messy play here at Mini Muslims, was actually a small initiative to help others and to show the world what love truly is…. our desire to make the world a better place!”

The kids were excited to see pictures and videos of recipients receiving their iftaar meals…more importantly, that THEY were able to be part of making a difference in this big world!

Iftar Appeal – Uighur Refugees 2019 [REPORT]

Date / Duration : 10 April to 01 June 2019
Beneficiary: Uighur Refugees in Turkey
TOTAL FUNDS:  Approximately 27,040.02 ZAR to Lonely Orphans     
18,000.00 GBP- Zakaah
8,075.42 GBP- Lillaah  
Turkey hosts one of the largest population outside China of Uighurs, a Muslim ethnic group who have faced a severe security clampdown in their native Xinjiang province. An estimated 1.5 million Uighurs and other mostly Muslim minorities have been confined to Chinese internment camps, where human rights groups say they are forced to renounce their faith and scores have disappeared. Beijing defends the hardline measures as necessary to fight “extremism”. There are an estimated 12 million Uighurs in the world who are ethnically Turkic and religiously Muslim. More than 90% of them are believed to live in their ancestral home of Xinjiang in China’s northwest region. The minority group often refers to Xinjiang as “East Turkestan,” accusing China of a decades-long campaign to change the demographics of the region by forcing them out and replacing their communities by the majority Han people.
Turkey has historically been a haven for those Uighurs who have fled China. In the 1950s, Turkey accepted hundreds of Uighur refugees fleeing Xinjiang with settlement aid from the U.N. and later offered them Turkish citizenship. Uighur organizations say nearly 45,000 Uighurs live in Turkey now, with almost 10,000 of them as refugees. Those who do not have refugee status have been granted temporary or permanent residence status, or in some cases, Turkish citizenship. Fasting Uighurs were invited to Iftar meals (sponsored by COH) and facilitated by Lonely Orphans during the month of Ramadaan.

Iftar Appeal – Rohingya 2019 [REPORT]

Date / Duration : 10 April to 01 June 2019
Beneficiary: Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh
TOTAL FUNDS:  Approximately 31,012.04 ZAR (Zakaah) to Lonely Orphans   

Since August 25, 2017, more than 740,000 people from Myanmar have fled to Bangladesh because of extreme violence in the northern part of Rakhine State on the country’s western Bay of Bengal coast. Most of the refugees identify as Rohingya, a Muslim minority ethnic group in predominantly Buddhist Myanmar. Aid agencies are struggling to adequately serve 1.2 million people who need assistance, including those in local communities. Many refugees brought little with them and are dependent on humanitarian aid for shelter, food, clothing, and healthcare. COH in association with Lonely Orphans are working to feed Rohingyan families who fall out of the UN and World Vision scope, particularly in the Jadimora, Damdamia and Shamlapur camps. Despite their condition, these refugees fast all day and have the basics to break their fast.
An amount of 14,500.00 was donated via PayPal funds on 14 May 2019 towards the purchase of items for food packs. 
The second donation, R16,512.04 was made on 23 May 2019. 
Food packs consist of lentils, salt, cooking oil, rice, biscuits and potatoes. These packs were distributed respectively on 15 May 2019 and 24 May 2019.

Iftar Appeal – Jammu Kashmir 2019 [REPORT]

Date / Duration : 10 April to 01 June 2019
Beneficiary: Destitute individuals in Jammu Kashmir
TOTAL FUNDS:  Approximately 44,840.00 ZAR (Zakaah) to One Nation     

Geopolitical turmoil has wreaked havoc on the economy and people’s standard of living. According to Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE) monthly time series data on unemployment, among all the states, Jammu & Kashmir had the highest monthly average unemployment rate of 15 per cent between January 2016 and July 2019. Breadwinners are maimed or killed and families leaving mothers and children forced to work. A 2009 study found that almost 250,000 children worked in auto repair stores, brick kilns, as domestic labourers, and as carpet weavers and sozni embroiderers in Jammu and Kashmir. Unemployment not only affects an individual, but the whole family economically, socially and psychologically. COH felt the need to aid the needy despite the volatile situation in Jammu Kashmir and donated GBP2,360.00 on 20 May 2019. Food packs were distributed in Shopian and Pulwama districts on 07 June 2019. This was prior to the lockdown enforced by the Indian government.

Iftar Appeal – Sierra Leone 2019 [REPORT]

Date / Duration : 10 April to 01 June 2019
Beneficiary: Destitute individuals in Sierra Leone
TOTAL FUNDS:  Approximately 19,000.00 ZAR (Zakaah) to One Nation     

Approximately 60 percent of Sierra Leoneans live below the national poverty line. Remaining among the world’s poorest nations, ranking 180 out of 187 countries in the Human Development Index. Poverty rates in rural areas are more than twice as high as in urban areas. Food poverty has increased significantly with particularly large increases in rural areas, the East and the North of the country. Almost half of all child deaths in Sierra Leone are caused by malnutrition. GBP1,000.00 was donated on 23 May 2019 and distributed to underprivileged individuals on 28 May 2019 in Newtown, Sierra Leone via One Nation UK. COH hopes to continue with this appeal during the next Ramadaan, God-Willing.

Iftar Appeal – Syrian Refugees in Lebanon 2019 [REPORT]

Date / Duration : 10 April to 01 June 2019
Beneficiary: Syrian Refugees of Bekaa Valley, Lebanon
TOTAL FUNDS: 57,507.00 ZAR (Zakaah) to One Nation and Africa Muslims Agency       

In the words of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Filippo Grandi: ‘A quarter of all Syrians are refugees. A quarter of the world’s refugees are Syrians’. Lebanon hosts the largest number of refugees per capita in the world (on top of its 4 million resident nationals), which includes an influx of over 1.5 million fleeing the Syrian War, as well as approximately 500,000 Palestinian refugees who have been in the country since 1948. Eighty seven percent of Syrian refugees live in Lebanon’s 251 most vulnerable and deprived municipalities. More than three-quarters of Syrian refugee households in Lebanon live below the poverty line. Yet as the needs of Syrians rise, international funding continues to fall.  Only 17% of the displaced Syrian population receive assistance from UNHCR.
COH donated GBP2,500.00 approximately ZAR47,500.00 for the purchase of food packs to be distributed by One Nation UK. Two donations were made, one for an amount of GBP1,640.00 on 20 May 2019 and the other for an amount of GBP860.00 on 23 May 2019. Food packs consisting of lentils, bulgur wheat, oil, salt, tomato sauce and pasta were distributed in Bekaa Valley on 31 May 2019.
Africa Muslims Agency have been doing good work with refugees in Lebanon. COH donated ZAR10,007.00 to Africa Muslims Agency for the purchase and distribution of food packs in Bekaa Valley, Lebanon.

Iftar Appeal – IDPs Syria 2019 [REPORT]

Iftar Appeal 2019 / 1440 (Syrian Refugees in Lebanon and inside Idlib, Sierra Leone, Jammu Kashmir, Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh Uyghur Refugees in Turkey) 

Date / Duration : 10 April to 01 June 2019
Beneficiary: Internally Displaced People of Syria (Idlib)
TOTAL FUNDS: 58,514.17 ZAR (Lillaah) to IHCRO                
Fasting in the month of Ramadaan is a special time of the year for Muslims around the world. It is tragic that hundreds and thousands have no food to break their fast. Ramadan is a month of giving and spirituality. What better way than providing meals for the destitute. This is the third year that COH donated funds towards Iftar meals inside Syria with Abdullateef Khaled and the IHCRO team formerly known as One Solid Ummah. The cost a single meal was set at ZAR20.00. An amount of ZAR58,514.17 on 20 May 2019 to provide 2,757 meals. The meals were distributed 26 May 2019 to orphans and the needy in Idlib, Syria.

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