The beginning of yet another valued relationship…

The beginning of yet another valued relationship…
Mums and babies of Charlotte Maxeke Hospital, Wards 184, 186, 187 and Antenatal, were our recipients today…
…a little something to add to their happiness. As Matron Mothwane exclaimed , today you are blessed to leave with two gifts, your baby .. and a wonderful baby hamper!
One mum in particular wasn’t as fortunate as the others’. We were quietly told that she had lost her baby. She watched us hand out the hampers, her expression vacant, and all we felt, was an indescribable bleakness.
Non the less, we gifted the bereaved mum, a new blouse and offered words of comfort. As we left, a smile appeared on her face as she softly offered thanks.
And so the Almighty had blessed US with much needed bounties … the gift of gratitude and the gift of giving a little of ourselves.
Much love …
The Colours of Hope Team

The Colours of Hope Youth Team spends their Thursday morning at Chris Hani Baragwanath hospital

A little surprise amidst the CoVid normalcy.
The Colours of Hope Youth Team spent their Thursday morning at Chris Hani Baragwanath hospital, spending time with little ones who’ve sadly been afflicted with cancer.
Mrs Aida and Mr Lawrence (social workers at the hospital), Dr Mari (Oncologist in charge), as well as several helpful interns from the PR department delightfully welcomed us.
The little ones had the option of either red or blue bags, each pack containing a sanitizer, notebook, colouring book and colouring pencils, a small, toothbrush and tooth paste, facecloth, a pair of socks, a bandanna and a yummy snack.
Once again, a heartfelt thank you to Dr Minty for donating adorable, reusable face masks, specifically sewn for the kids.
The little ones took their time choosing the masks they liked best…Minnie Mouse, Spiderman, polka dots… Masking up never looked this good! Several little boys carefully chose masks to specially match their outfits… how cute ?!
A thoughtful Mr Lawrence, who (for sanitary purposes) gathered all the kids able to leave their rooms, in their private play area so we could spend some time with them.
Many of the kids in the oncology wards have been hospitalized for many days or weeks, and as such, don’t often get to see faces from outside the hospital, hence it was such a treat for them!
A member of our Youth Team especially bonded with a four year old Aaliyah, who has now lost all her hair.
The cutie is currently close to the end of her chemo treatment. When asked about it, Aaliyah excitedly shouted with a hand in the air, “Yes!! Almost done!’
She chatted to us from the rocking horse she was contently seated on, curling the horse’s mane with her new colouring pencils.
The kids were overjoyed with their packs…a little girl mentioned that she definitely planned on hiding her new colouring book from her little brother, who always ends up tearing his own.
The CoH Youth Team is never more excited for projects than on the days we spend time with little ones. Much love and respect to these little soldiers. Gratitude for health and small miracles is what makes us whole.
…and so we left… saturated with warmth and fuzziness.
Thank you to the staff at Chris Hani Baragwanath, as well as the parents who gave us permission to take pictures and spend the morning with their kids.
You absolutely made our day.

COH baby project – Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital.

On a rather chilly Spring Day, the team decided to spread some Spring cheer to mums at Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital.
As financial constraints were experienced by many during the CoVid lockdown period, we thought it necessary to ease the burden of new mums once more.
The Colours of Hope Baby project is one dear to our hearts, particularly during these difficult times.
Three wards of overjoyed mums (Wards 65 and 67) and a deeply thankful Matron TP Ntlhabane offered words of gratitude for the distribution.
A gran who could not take care of her newborn grandson was especially grateful for the hamper as the little one would now be on his way to a new home with a lovely gift.
An “Awwwwww” moment rippled through Ward 66 as nurses delightfully opened the bag of the tiniest knitted items.
A heartfelt THANK YOU to a special volunteer from Little Favoured Ones … the knit wear for the preemees was beyond adorable.
Thank you kindly Dr Minty, for the donation of 100 reusable face masks which we added to our hampers.
Meeting the mums of two sets of twins and a set of triplets was a perfect ending to our day… And so the cold was melted away by the warmth of pure fuzziness.

Mandela Day with the staff and patients of Hillbrow CHC !

Colours of Hope celebrates Mandela Day with the staff and patients of Hillbrow CHC !

In light of the many challenges people face during the Covid pandemic, we wished to make life a little safer and pleasurable for our fellow South Africans.
Patients are touched by the kindness and receive the edibles with much appreciation. They are however even more pleased and beyond grateful for the re-usable masks !
Mums to be, enter the ward walking with difficulty, enduring the the gripping pains of labour. We offer a baby hamper and recite a little prayer for them respectively.
They are deeply grateful and motion a thank you from their hearts.
There’s nothing more rewarding than uplifting someone else!
Colours of Hope would like to thank a very special lady who donated a wheel chair to the clinic. Your action has brought ease in the life of someone else.
…to all who assisted in sharing with us the spirit of Ubuntu … much love and God bless!

Baby Project- Paediatric Oncology Wards 43, 44 and Paediatric Oncology Clinic

“There’s a party ‘round the corner… would you please please come… bring a bag of love to share … Yay! it’s going to be fun!!”

A week later … and we’re back at Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital, awaiting our dose of love yet again!

This time we share gifts with the Paediatric Oncology Wards 43, 44 and Paediatric Oncology Clinic, as they prepare for their year end party.
Even the weather can’t dampen the spirits of these courageous little warriors, as they look forward to a day of fun.


Baby Project- Packing

Tick tock … not long to go for year end.

Let’s go girls !

Our team gets ready and packing for the last distribution of our local baby project.

Baby Project with Brave Bag Foundation

Colours of Hope Youth Group’s very first initiative was a special one indeed!
We jumped at the opportunity to assist the Brave Bag Foundation in creating and distributing goody bags for children with cancer.

These children do not have the opportunities as we do. Their world is confined to a bed in a hospital room, braving the effects of their illness. Thus, we zealously welcomed this wonderful project.

With the assistance and generosity of our sponsors, we had packed 100 bags, each filled with a hand sanitizer, notebook, colouring book, colouring pencils, face cloth, toothbrush, toothpaste, a pack of cheese curls, biscuits and a bandanna.

In recognition of Cancer week, founder of Brave Bag Foundation, Tasneem Docrat and our team met at Charlotte Maxeke Hospital, Parktown on 16 October 2019.

The sisters from the Paediatric Oncology Departments, Sellina Sibanyoni and Operational Manager Ronel Venter, kindly showed us around the wards and related the emotional trauma these children battle.

40 to 60 children visit the hospital daily for treatment. On Fridays, however, these numbers reduce to approximately 20 children.
It is an equally difficult journey for the nurses too. They try their best to put show a brave face but suffer the emotional burden.

We met patients who wearily travelled weekly for treatment. Some leaving at 3am from their homes, to sit in long queues, waiting to be tended to… yet we drew courage from their smiling faces as they expressed immense joy when receiving their gifts.

We were honoured to hand out the care packages to these resilient children who, upon receiving them were deeply grateful and continuously thanked us.
Teary moments for our team, to witness how appreciative these children were to receive our humble gifts.

For our youth team, it was an eye opening experience to see children, as young as 8 months old, dealing with life changing challenges.

LESSON LEARNED TODAY – value health, value simple bounties, notice small miracles, be the reason someone smiles and no matter what the condition… never stop hoping and praying for the best!

‘ Cancer can take away all of my physical abilities. It cannot touch my mind , it cannot touch my heart and it cannot touch my soul ‘ – Jim Valvano

Zaheera Essy

Baby Project- Tambo Memorial Hospital.

A little start with a lot of heart

All praises to the Almighty for granting us another day to share the joy with mums of the Tambo Memorial Hospital.
50 bags (courtesy of Mini Miracles) were donated and additional items were donated by Colours of Hope and Benoni Ladies Forum.

We were met by nurse Mpumi Mayisela (Mary Moodley Clinic, Actonville) who in conjunction with with Sister Aisha Sayed (Benoni Ladies Forum) facilitated our distribution.

The mums were overjoyed and thankful.
Sister Jabulile “Pinky” Moya OPS Nursing Manager also expressed gratitude on behalf of Tambo Memorial Labour ward.

Women uplifting one another and uniting with a single aim portrays the true strength of sisterhood.
Indeed, UNITY is the cornerstone of attaining successful objectives.

Mandela Day with Thuthuzela Aid Centre and Orphanage, Jhb [REPORT]

Colours of Hope usually spends Mandela Day at two venues, one of them being Thuthuzela Orphanage in Alexandra, Johannesburg. Habiba Ahmed Salloo of Colours of Hope coordinates visits to Thuthuzela Centre. Take a couple minutes to read her post below about “Mama Lizzy Monyela”, founder of the Thuthuzela Aid Centre.

Mama Lizzy runs the orphanage, taking care of abandoned children daily. She also runs a day care center as a means of sustaining these children. She is passionate about what she does and explained to us the reason behind her passion.

Apart from losing her only grandson who was aged 13, in a car accident some years ago, Lizzy had also lost her son, Julius, many years ago. Lost, as in, she’s not sure whether her son is alive or not after all these years. Julius was born with Downs Syndrome.
One day, he just wandered off and was never seen again. She looked everywhere for him and even reported him missing, but he was never found.

Lizzy’s son was the inspiration behind the establishment of Thuthuzela Aid Centre. “Each day I take care of these abandoned children, I have the hope that just as I am looking after these children, someone, somewhere, is looking after my son”. Since 2005, she has faced many challenges keeping the home operational but she never loses hope and tries to accommodate the children in her care.

Colours of Hope distributed 60 lunchboxes sponsored by Tupperware South Africa, made possible by Rashida Afindy. The lunch boxes were filled with snacks, potato chips, a juice and a small packet of Coco Pops cereal to munch on. Kudos to Mama Lizzy Monyela. Find your passion through your pain. Make a difference

H Ahmed Salloo

Colours of Hope distributes 81 baby hampers at Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital

Colours of Hope distributed 81 baby hampers at Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital on Thursday, 27 June 2019. Each hamper contained toiletries, clothing items, and included maternity pads for the mothers. Colours of Hope also handed out clothing packs, each one containing a baby vest and outfit, labeled with the age and gender of the baby, as well as the season.

We were met by the friendly Ms. Khululeko Petunia Sambo, Mr. William Lenyanyabedi (photographer), and Sister Sephodiwe, who accompanied us throughout the wards. They eagerly helped with the distribution and expressed their gratitude that Colours of Hope continues to donate annually to the moms and babies of their hospital.

The Colours of Hope Youth team also eagerly awaited their visit to the innocent and pure little souls that the hospital terms as ”abandoned babies”: babies who are left at the hospital after birth, awaiting adoption. There is an estimated 3 000 babies abandoned in South Africa each year. Colours of Hope continues to donate to as many as we can reach. Please spare an item of clothing for a little one.

We’d like to thank all our donors and volunteers for their valuable donations and efforts. Without you, this would not be possible.
For more information about the COH Baby Run or if you’d like to contribute to this project, view the project on our website,

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