ATMA Youth Centre up and running

The youth centre in Darkoush is finally up and running Alhamdulillah. It took a while but it’s worth it. Mustafa Shaam and team, you guys are amazing! #syriayouthcentre


ATMA Youth Centre- Banaat Ul Ummah Fundraiser

Lovely day at the #BanaatulUmmah coffee and candy funday with loads of arts, crafts, games, Coffee and Candy here at Zinzani Hall in Newcastle for #ATMAYouthCentre with One Wish Syria


ATMA Youth Centre with One Wish

Join us alongside One Wish Syria to help rebuild lives and develop the Syrian youth, by building a one of a kind youth centre today!

To donate visit:

ATMA Youth Centre- Chicken Tikka and Burgers

We’re doing it for our Youth Centre in Syria today. Join us for some delicious Chicken Tikka and burgers at Yummy, Mayfair, 3rd Avenue. One Wish Syria … wishing you were here. #AtmaYouthCentre #youthcentre#syriayouthcentre

Atma Youth Centre (Syria) [REPORT]

Date / Duration : 16 November 2017 until target is reached

Beneficiary: IDP Youth inside Syria refugee camps

TOTAL FUNDS THUS FAR: 72,635.00 ZAR to The Two Lights Foundation

Target Not Reached. Project still running.

With overpopulated refugee camps, the lack of education and youth facilities and the after effects of war have lead to serious psychological implications, There are tens of thousands of children that were either born during the war or raised in it that do not have access to schools let alone youth facilities. COH and One Wish Syria felt it necessary to build a youth centre for Syrian youth not just to develop skills but also to take a break for the crowded refugee camps and maintain healthy relationships with other youth. The centre was to be built initially in Atma refugee camp, better known as “Atmeh” on the Turkish border consisted almost entirely of tents. But with One Wish Syria having to move during air strikes, the youth centre will now be built in Darkoush, Idlib- hoping air strikes are not intensified. 

On 12 July 2018 an amount of ZAR72,635.00 was donated (to One Wish Syria) via The Two Lights Foundation. Unfortunately the target was not reached and COH will continue to raise funds for the building of the centre until target is reached.



Living in a war-torn country directly impacts the lives of the Syrian youth. With overpopulated refugee camps, the lack of youth facilities and the after effects of war have lead to serious psychological implications. It is therefore necessary that Syrian youth have a place to not just express themselves but develop skills.

ONE WISH (Syria) have teamed with COLOURS OF HOPE (South Africa) to build a youth centre in Atma (Syria), which will consist of a common room for relaxation and another for the purpose of a prayer, study and lecture. This centre aims at giving hope to Syrian youth in refugee camps by affording them an opportunity to develop on a social, mental, emotional and spiritual level.
Please assist us to help shape the generations of tomorrow so they can become contributing members of society.

Sa’uda 0794983479
Kaashifa 0828864604
Habiba 0835664212
Safiyya 0722175110

Any amount is welcome. Please donate LILLAAH ONLY to the following account:
Colours of Hope
First National Bank
Acc Number: 62677973101
Universal code: 250655
Cheque account
Ref: Youth Centre

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