Syria Medi Campaign [REPORT]

Date / Duration : 19 December 2016
TOTAL FUNDS: 227,905.02 ZAR

129,245.25 – One Nation
78,012.43 ZAR – Lillaah 51,232.82 ZAR – Zakaah

98,659.77 to Gift of Givers Foundation
40,092.59 – Lillaah 58,567.18 – Zakaah

The Syrian war is one of the worlds largest humanitarian crisis that the world has witnessed and failed to intervene. Thousands continue to die as a result of the frequent air-strikes or barrel bomb attacks in populated areas. Many hospitals have been specifically targeted leaving doctors often to choose which patient to save due to lack of medical equipment and sheer influx of patients pouring into hospitals. Co-founder of Colours of Hope, Sauda Ismail made contact via Twitter with Dr. Shahjul Islam, a UK trained medical doctor volunteering In Syria. He mentioned that medical equipment was necessary to treat patients pouring into hospitals. Before long, Ismail came up with the unique project name #SyriaMediCampaign and so began the donations. One Nation UK have been one of the leading donors in this cause.

South African humanitarian and disaster relief organisation, Gift of the Givers have established two hospitals in Idlib, Syria; namely Ar-Rahmah and Hilaal hospitals.

A successful SANMWF national cake sale was held on 28 January 2017
with majority of funds donated to Operation SA’s #SAveSyria by various
Muslim Womens Forums. COH (Colours Of Hope), H4U Support Group
and Maids of Deen handed over 23,875.00 ZAR from the proceeds of
this cake sale to Mrs. Fadia Jacobs of the Gift of the Givers Foundation
on 30 January 2017. A further donation of 74,784.77 ZAR (17,717.59 ZAR Lillaah and 57,067.18 ZAR Zakaah) was donated to Gift of the Givers on 13 September 2017.

On 21 August 2017 a donation of 129,245.25 ZAR was donated via First National Bank Forex to One Nation (UK) for medical equipment to be purchased and distributed in hospitals in Idlib.

This project did not reach the target unfortunately trailing by some 23,000 ZAR. We hope that donations for this will continue and funds can be donated and referenced Syria Med L (for lillaah) or Syria Med Z (for zakaah).