Syria Medi-Campaign – Dr Shajul Islam

Dr Shajul Islam is an independent doctor trained in the UK and currently working in Syria, attending casulties and the injured. Dr Shajul Islam decided to come to Syria due to the shortage of doctors in Syria. He began going around hospitals in freed Syria looking for medical equipment that the hospitals needed. At the request of Doctors who are working tirelessly day and night, risking their lives to save the innocent civilians in Syria One Nation has produced an Amazon wish list for medical equipment. These items will be sent in containers to Doctors In Syria.

Colours of Hope launched the Syria Medical-Campaign in Dec 2016. A total of 227,905.02 ZAR was raised, some of which were donated to One Nation UK, who then purchased 25 monitors from China to be distributed in various hospitals in Syria. The remainder of the funds were donated to The Gift of the Givers Foundation to be utilised for medical equipment in either one of their hospitals in Syria, Ar-Rahmah or Al Hilal. On February 26 2018, the 25 monitors were distributed by Dr Shajul Islam to various hospitals in Syria as well as to Ar-Rahmah hospital, the Gift of the Givers hospital, in Darkoush, Syria.