To My Sister With Love Campaign [REPORT]

Date / Duration : June 2014

For a woman with little or no toiletries life can be distressing especially during that time of the month. Imagine what this must be like for a woman in packed refugee camp. Imagine her embarrassment having to walk through a crowds of men, women and children in this condition. Colours of Hope assisted a volunteer with a great idea to become the To My Sister With Love Campaign in June 2014. This project was aimed at giving our sisters some dignity in the harsh conditions in refugee camps. Hygiene packs and letters of hope from South African sisters were prepared for female Syrian refugees. COH volunteers made up packs containing sanitary pads, panty liners, soap, roll on deodorant, moisturizer, hair brush, tooth brush, tooth paste, face cloth and a pair of socks. A letter of hope and love was enclosed in each of these bags. We hope to continue to make feminine hygiene a necessity that is easily accessible for these women. Donate to our Syria Appeal. Please state whether lillaah or zakaah.