Salaamedia Syrian Paralysis Campaign [REPORT]

Date / Duration : 25 February 2016 to 13 April 2016
TOTAL DIAPERS: 39 100 diapers to Salaamedia / Salaam Foundation – 22 030 Adult diapers – 17 070 Children diapers

Thousands of Syrians who have been, literally, torn apart by the war have been left mamed and disabled. It is a common sight to see Syrians of all ages without a limb or two, or an incapacitated father who was the only bread winner in the home, now unable to fend for his family. No amount of words can do justice to how that man feels. There is no dignity even in relieving oneself in such a tragic condition. Adult diapers is an essential for many disabled who have nothing and no one to aid them. Colours of Hope assisted by collecting adult and baby nappies (diapers) on behalf of Salaamedia for paralysed Syrian refugees, to be shipped from South Africa to coordinating partners, the IHH, in Turkey.