Rohingya Qurbani Appeal 2018 /1439 [REPORT]

Date / Duration : 25 July 2018 to 04 August 2018

Beneficiary: IDP (Rohingya) in Rathedaung, Arakan (Myanmar) and Refugees in Jadimora camp, Bangladesh

TOTAL FUNDS: 625 GBP approx 11,000 ZAR to Lonely Orphans UK

Lonely Orphans has been doing Qurbani for Rohingya Refugees since 2013, and this is our second year at bigger scale doing Qurbani in the affected areas of Arakan. This in fact may be the first of its kind in region particularly surrounding the Maungdaw and Buthidung townships.

625 GBP approximately ZAR11,000 was donated to Lonely Orphans UK via PayPal on 07 August 2018.

1 cow to the value of approximately and 1 goat was slaughtered and meat distributed to needy Rohingya.

Eid ul Adha for the Islamic year 1439 was celebrated on 21 August 2018 with the sacrifice continuing for three days thereafter. In Arakan, the sacrificial animal was purchased in a different part of the country and transported to Rathedaung township. In Bangladesh the animal was purchased locally near Jadimora camp.

Lonely Orphans confirmed on 24 August 2018 that all Qurbani orders were completed and the meat distributed. The cow was shared to 500 needy people inside Arakan; Sin Kon Daine village; Rathedaung Township, while the goat meat was distributed in Jadimora; Bangladesh refugee camp.