Rice for Rohingya Jan-April 2020 [REPORT]

Date: 1 January 2020 to 1 April 2020

Beneficiary: Rohingya Refugees in Jadimora, Dumdumia and Shamlapur camps, Bangladesh


January and February- 40 000 ZAR

March- 21 000 ZAR

Rice for Rohingya is a monthly Food Pack Distribution Project to Jadimora, Dumdumia and Shamlapur refugee camps in Bangladesh. COH partnered with Lonely Orphans, UK to oversee distribution of food packs at the camps.

Jadimora has been identified as a big need, as the families living in this cluster are on private land, and are not all registered refugees and therefore beyond the reach of the World Food Program distribution as you would get in the Balukhali, Tangkali camps in the area.

Approximately 1,200 families that fall in to this cluster are recipients of the Rice for Rohingya project (depending on the exchange rate).

Budget of ZAR90.00 per person per day has been assigned, this includes any costs of sending money and preparation, but COH has set the minimum donation to ZAR50.00.

The food packs would include:

Salt, Oil, Rice, Spices, Onions, Potato/Lentil. Occasionally Lonely Orphans will arrange for cooked food in a hot food kitchen 2 times during the holy month of Ramadan. Should funds be beneficial, our aim for hot meals is once a month after Ramadan. This will include fish, meat and seasonal fruits.  Hot food kitchen is avoided because the cost to reach ratio is not beneficial for people.