Rice 4 Rohingya Update

RICE FOR ROHINGYA is a Colours Of Hope project in conjunction with Lonely Orphans UK specifically to provide as many starving Rohingya refugees with a basic meal for a year.

Feeding took place on Thursday, 23rd night of Ramadan/07 June 2018 for approximately 1,200 families in Dumdumia refugee camp near Jodimora, Bangladesh, overseen by Lonely Orphans UK. This has been identified as a big need, as families living in this cluster are on private land, and are not all registered refugees and therefore beyond the reach of the U.N World Food Program distribution as in other camps.

Colours of Hope thanks Lonely Orphans and all those who donated and continues to donate each month.
Watch feeding and distribution vid here https://youtu.be/FiUjOX7YttQ