Qurbani Appeal 2018

Qurbani Appeal

As Eid ul Adha is fast approaching, we have been blessed with a unique opportunity to provide Qurbani to the Rohingya families inside the Refugee Camps in Bangladesh as well as Rohingya families who are still remaining in the affected areas inside Arakan (Maungdaw and Buathidaung Townships).

Majority of these families have not had the luxury of eating meat for a long time. Let’s share in the spirit of Eid ul Adha and help us distribute meat to as many Rohingya as we can.

Lonely Orphans are able to facilitate direct project delivery to those affected in Bangladesh and inside Arakan, Myanmar.

When you donate “1  share of a cow,” your donation equals 1/7 of a cow or bull. 7 shares of a cow would mean that you purchase the entire cow. An entire cow (7 shares) would provide fresh meat to approximately 400 Rohingya. (1 cow = 7 shares)

With regards to goat or sheep, this equals only 1 share. (1 goat/sheep = 1 share)

– 7 shares (entire cow) R8,785.00

– 1 share per cow R1,255.00

– Goat/sheep: R2,200.00

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