Operation Mozambique 2019 [REPORT]

Date: 28 March 2019 to 30 May 2019
Beneficiary: Flood victims of Cyclone Idai and Kenneth
TOTAL FUNDS: 30,821.00 ZAR (Lillaah) to Ashraful Uloom (Ashraful Aid)
20,071.00 GBP- Zakaah
10,750.00 GBP- Lillaah     

Cyclone Idai was recorded as the worst cyclone on record to hit Africa and the Southern Hemisphere. The storm killed thousands of people. Torrential rain, devastating winds, and massive widespread flooding caused severe damage with 1.5 million people displaced and in need of humanitarian assistance.By March 20, 836 square miles of Mozambique were covered in water as the storm created vast inland oceans. 
Colours of Hope assisted Madrassah Ashraful Uloom (now Ashraful Aid) with arranging food packs to be distributed in Lamego, 51 miles inland from the central port city of Beira in Mozambique on Friday 29 March 2019. This was part of Phase 1 of Ashraful Uloom’s appeal for the disaster struck area.
Gently used clothes were donated and distributed in April in Beira.