My Rohingya- Fundraising Lunch

#MyRohingya Fundraising Lunch

One common message from every speaker resonated at the #MyRohingya Fundraising Lunch- “We need to do more than just donate”.
Change from within was the message from co-founders of Colours of Hope, Sauda Ismail and Kaashifa Jamal, while advocate Shabnam Mayet of Protect the Rohingya urged the audience to spread awareness and be pro-active in the protests and not be complacent with the current status. “We have failed the Rohingya” was Salaamedia’s Azhar Vadi words. The audience were left in tears with harrowing narratives from Protect the Rohingya’s Zeenat Adam and MSF’s Director of Fundraising, Ludivine Houdet along with moving visuals from both MSF and Salaamedia.