Mandela Day with Thuthuzela Aid Centre and Orphanage, Jhb [REPORT]

Colours of Hope usually spends Mandela Day at two venues, one of them being Thuthuzela Orphanage in Alexandra, Johannesburg. Habiba Ahmed Salloo of Colours of Hope coordinates visits to Thuthuzela Centre. Take a couple minutes to read her post below about “Mama Lizzy Monyela”, founder of the Thuthuzela Aid Centre.

Mama Lizzy runs the orphanage, taking care of abandoned children daily. She also runs a day care center as a means of sustaining these children. She is passionate about what she does and explained to us the reason behind her passion.

Apart from losing her only grandson who was aged 13, in a car accident some years ago, Lizzy had also lost her son, Julius, many years ago. Lost, as in, she’s not sure whether her son is alive or not after all these years. Julius was born with Downs Syndrome.
One day, he just wandered off and was never seen again. She looked everywhere for him and even reported him missing, but he was never found.

Lizzy’s son was the inspiration behind the establishment of Thuthuzela Aid Centre. “Each day I take care of these abandoned children, I have the hope that just as I am looking after these children, someone, somewhere, is looking after my son”. Since 2005, she has faced many challenges keeping the home operational but she never loses hope and tries to accommodate the children in her care.

Colours of Hope distributed 60 lunchboxes sponsored by Tupperware South Africa, made possible by Rashida Afindy. The lunch boxes were filled with snacks, potato chips, a juice and a small packet of Coco Pops cereal to munch on. Kudos to Mama Lizzy Monyela. Find your passion through your pain. Make a difference

H Ahmed Salloo