Mandela Day 2018 with Thuthuzela  Aid Centre, Marlboro, Gauteng [REPORT]

The Thuthuzela Aid Community Center, situated on the border of Alexandra township in Gauteng is an orphanage and day-care centre that provides a place of safety for abandoned, abused and neglected children.The centre houses 15 children aged 4 to 16 as well as a day care centre which accommodates 75 children. Colours of Hope wanted to donate something the children could keep with them and use in their daily lives.

Otillia, friendly and bubbly person, and other staff members warmly received us and introduced us to the children. The centre is well maintained, clean and homely. The children were very excited to receive their gifts.

A good quality blanket to each child of the orphanage was donated by Colours of Hope as well as party packs.
Each of the 90 party packs comprised of  a packet of crisp, box of juice, Smarties candy and a lollipop.

The children were very appreciative and held up their newly received gifts in the air.

Colours of Hope also donated the following to the day care centre:
4 wooden puzzles
3 building puzzles
3 boxes of flashcards

We look forward to putting more smiles on the faces of the children of Thuthuzela Aid Centre.

H. Ahmed Salloo and S. Daya