Malawi Iftar 2020 Food Pack Distribution

Malawi Iftar 2020 Food Pack Distribution
22 May 2020/ 28 Ramadan 1441
The One Humanity team on the ground in Malawi were able to distribute 660 food packs sponsored by Colours of Hope to 660 poor and needy Muslim families from 9 villages in the Mulanje district in the Southern region of Malawi.
This area is considered one of the many poor areas where no food aid had reached them prior to this distribution in Ramadhan.
The beneficiaries received food packs which included 12 kg maize flour, 2 kg rice, 2 kg beans, 1 kg salt, 1 litre cooking oil, 1 unit matches, 1 packet candles, 450 g juice powder, 50 g tea, 2 kg sugar, 990 g soya pieces.
May Allah accept from everyone!