Jobstown Primary school

Jobstown Primary school is attended by over 1,100 enthusiastic learners. What a welcome they gave us and the #Riding4SAeducation Salaamediateam.
Some of the learners have to walk 6km just to get to school.

Please support Salaamedia #Riding4SAeducation campaign. Azhar Vadi, Zaheer Pahad and Ali Kandulu are cycling at this time of year in the heart of summer, to raise awareness of education in South Africa.
From Maputo to Maseru, Lesotho and then on to Johannesburg they hope to cover a total distance of 1500km.

A very appreciative Mr Mkhize (principal) and Mrs Phumzile Khumalo, vice principal of Jobstown Primary, Newcastle, KZN thanked us and the Salaamedia team today. Mr Zaakir Mohamed of Frimax Foods (Frimax being the primary sponsor of the #Riding4SAeducation campaign) handed out snacks to the learners before we headed back to Newcastle CBD.