Iftar Appeal – Uighur Refugees 2019 [REPORT]

Date / Duration : 10 April to 01 June 2019
Beneficiary: Uighur Refugees in Turkey
TOTAL FUNDS:  Approximately 27,040.02 ZAR to Lonely Orphans     
18,000.00 GBP- Zakaah
8,075.42 GBP- Lillaah  
Turkey hosts one of the largest population outside China of Uighurs, a Muslim ethnic group who have faced a severe security clampdown in their native Xinjiang province. An estimated 1.5 million Uighurs and other mostly Muslim minorities have been confined to Chinese internment camps, where human rights groups say they are forced to renounce their faith and scores have disappeared. Beijing defends the hardline measures as necessary to fight “extremism”. There are an estimated 12 million Uighurs in the world who are ethnically Turkic and religiously Muslim. More than 90% of them are believed to live in their ancestral home of Xinjiang in China’s northwest region. The minority group often refers to Xinjiang as “East Turkestan,” accusing China of a decades-long campaign to change the demographics of the region by forcing them out and replacing their communities by the majority Han people.
Turkey has historically been a haven for those Uighurs who have fled China. In the 1950s, Turkey accepted hundreds of Uighur refugees fleeing Xinjiang with settlement aid from the U.N. and later offered them Turkish citizenship. Uighur organizations say nearly 45,000 Uighurs live in Turkey now, with almost 10,000 of them as refugees. Those who do not have refugee status have been granted temporary or permanent residence status, or in some cases, Turkish citizenship. Fasting Uighurs were invited to Iftar meals (sponsored by COH) and facilitated by Lonely Orphans during the month of Ramadaan.