Iftaar Appeal- Mini MuslimsPreschool

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Mini Muslims (Mayfair West), Educator J wanted to imbibe the spirit of empathy in her little ones this Ramadaan.
Her idea was, for the kids to paint a “canvas of love”, and allow parents to purchase their children’s canvases.

She then contributed the funds to Colours of Hope Iftaar 2019.

Teacher J explained,
“Our painting of love and rainbows gave us inspiration to contribute Iftaar to children who haven’t eaten in days while we in South Africa indulge in a luxurious Iftaar.
Alhamdulillah, with the help of our parents and educators we managed to fill a belly with food and happiness.
What seemed like mere fun and messy play here at Mini Muslims, was actually a small initiative to help others and to show the world what love truly is…. our desire to make the world a better place!”

The kids were excited to see pictures and videos of recipients receiving their iftaar meals…more importantly, that THEY were able to be part of making a difference in this big world!