Did you know that clean water is a luxury in Gaza? 97% of the water from the taps in Gaza is unsafe to drink because it contains dangerous levels of chlorine and sulfate. Gaza Strip’s 2 million residents depend almost entirely on the coastal aquifer for their water needs. Almost 90 percent of the drinking water in Gaza exceeds the maximum salinity standard of the World Health Organization and is expected to become even more saline in the years to come.

Can you imagine your child spending 6 to 8 hours at their school and not being able to drink a drop of water in those hours? Sounds cruel? But this is the harsh reality facing the students at al Yarmouk Primary school in Gaza. Clean water is a basic right of every human being on earth. How can we expect students to function, let alone learn well without a basic right like clean water?

Help Colours of Hope together with our partners Save Gaza Project and the Palestinian Friendly Centre for Development (PFCD), facilitate a water well at Yarmouk Primary School in Gaza so we can make a difference to over 2,000 children every single day.


Colours of Hope
First National Bank
Acc no: 62677973101
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Universal code (for eft): 250655
Swift Code: FIRNZAJJ
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Please note that this is a LILLAAH only project.