Gaza Water Project 2018 [REPORT]

Date / Duration : 16 September 2018 until target is reached

Beneficiary: Residents of Gaza, Palestine

TOTAL FUNDS THUS FAR: Approx 150,000.00 ZAR to PFCD (Palestinian Friendship Centre for Development)

Application for donation still in process.

Gaza has been under blockade for more than a decade. With two million people living on 365 km2, Gazans face many life threatening challenges, water being one of them. Water quality and scarcity are posing a serious threat to people’s life. Rising salinity levels as well as 90 million litres of untreated or partially treated sewage seeping into the groundwater and flowing into the Mediterranean Sea has made Gaza’s water exceed acceptable drinking water standards. Electricity shortage prevents the Strip’s sewage treatment plants from operating. Reliance on desalinated water from private sector companies for domestic water consumption poses a heavy financial burden on already impoverished families.


Compared to adults, children drink more water per kilogram of body weight, resulting in greater exposure and greater risk. Fifty per cent of Gaza’s children suffer from water-related parasitic infections. Al Yarmouk school is situated at the centre of Gaza city, al Thowra Street, with an attendance of a little over 2,200 students. Many taps have been removed from the basins as there is no drinkable water for the students and staff. COH would like to provide children with potable water from an improved water source that is located on the premises, available when needed, and free from contaminants. Our partners (non-profit organisations) on the ground, Save Gaza Project and PFCD (Palestinian Friendly Centre for Development), will supervise the facilitation of the water well (installation and maintenance) at al Yarmouk school. 

COH sought permission to remit an amount of 10,000 USD to PFCD via Forex. A signed fee letter was submitted to Exhange Control on 26 February 2018.