Donation to Gaza Medical Rehabilitation [REPORT]

Date / Duration : July to August 2017
TOTAL FUNDS: 28,679.25 ZAR to Al Imdaad Foundation
27,100.00 ZAR- Zakaah – 1,579.25 ZAR- Lillaah

The Al-Imdaad Foundation has been working in Palestine since its inception in 2003 and has made tremendous and significant strides in rehabilitating the over-burdened health sector in Gaza. Al Imdaad runs a medical rehabilitation programme for poor Palestinians, needing specialised treatments that at times, are not available in the country. The Al- Imdaad Foundation covers the expense of these specialised treatments, which have been undertaken in other regional centres.

The donation towards the Al Imdaad Gaza Medical Rehabilitation project was made on 30 August 2017. Colours of Hope hopes to continue to be a part of sustainable health care not just in Gaza but wherever it is needed all over the world.