Syria Medi Campaign [REPORT]

Date / Duration : 19 December 2016
TOTAL FUNDS: 227,905.02 ZAR

129,245.25 – One Nation
78,012.43 ZAR – Lillaah 51,232.82 ZAR – Zakaah

98,659.77 to Gift of Givers Foundation
40,092.59 – Lillaah 58,567.18 – Zakaah

The Syrian war is one of the worlds largest humanitarian crisis that the world has witnessed and failed to intervene. Thousands continue to die as a result of the frequent air-strikes or barrel bomb attacks in populated areas. Many hospitals have been specifically targeted leaving doctors often to choose which patient to save due to lack of medical equipment and sheer influx of patients pouring into hospitals. Co-founder of Colours of Hope, Sauda Ismail made contact via Twitter with Dr. Shahjul Islam, a UK trained medical doctor volunteering In Syria. He mentioned that medical equipment was necessary to treat patients pouring into hospitals. Before long, Ismail came up with the unique project name #SyriaMediCampaign and so began the donations. One Nation UK have been one of the leading donors in this cause.

South African humanitarian and disaster relief organisation, Gift of the Givers have established two hospitals in Idlib, Syria; namely Ar-Rahmah and Hilaal hospitals.

A successful SANMWF national cake sale was held on 28 January 2017
with majority of funds donated to Operation SA’s #SAveSyria by various
Muslim Womens Forums. COH (Colours Of Hope), H4U Support Group
and Maids of Deen handed over 23,875.00 ZAR from the proceeds of
this cake sale to Mrs. Fadia Jacobs of the Gift of the Givers Foundation
on 30 January 2017. A further donation of 74,784.77 ZAR (17,717.59 ZAR Lillaah and 57,067.18 ZAR Zakaah) was donated to Gift of the Givers on 13 September 2017.

On 21 August 2017 a donation of 129,245.25 ZAR was donated via First National Bank Forex to One Nation (UK) for medical equipment to be purchased and distributed in hospitals in Idlib.

This project did not reach the target unfortunately trailing by some 23,000 ZAR. We hope that donations for this will continue and funds can be donated and referenced Syria Med L (for lillaah) or Syria Med Z (for zakaah).

Baby Project- World Aids Day

Date / Duration : 10 December 2016

World AIDS Day is commemorated each year on the 1st of December. It gives a chance to unite in the fight against HIV and show support for people living with HIV. Colours of Hope spent the day at the Hillbrow Community Health Centre (Hillbrow CHC) giving hope to those living with HIV.

After singing the national anthem and lighting candles, co-founder of Colours of Hope, Sauda Ismail delivered and inspiring and motivational speech to the patients at the CHC. She said that HIV is not a death sentence and that positivity, good habits and and taking medicine regularly give people with HIV a chance every day.

Fruit, sandwiches, 17 nappy bags and hampers containing toiletries were handed out (as part of the Colours of Hope Baby / Run Project).


Salaamedia Education Project Donation [REPORT]

Date / Duration : 24 November 2016
TOTAL: 1,000 ZAR to Salaam Foundation

Salaam Foundation, which is the humanitarian wing of Salaamedia, – an online humanitarian journalism portal began a South African education project which will continue through 2017 to assist impoverished learners through their early education. Colours of Hope donated 1, 000 ZAR towards stationery packs. We hope to donate again towards this project in 2017. Azhar Vadi, founder of Salaamedia has been doing wonderful work in several schools particularly Limpopo.

Baby Run / Project 2016 [REPORT]

Date / Duration : 03 August 2016 to 31 October 2016
432 Diaper bags (with baby essentials)

In South Africa, tens of thousands of mothers are either single, mostly unemployed, or with no financial resources. Bringing a baby into a world where she does not have enough for herself is difficult and stressful. This project aimed to help mothers in need with a baby hamper or assisting community groups or crisis centers with nappies, baby formula or clothing and donating baby hampers. Who knew there would be so many baby goods in good condition to be given away? The response was overwhelming with may mothers taking their time in wrapping and labeling each item of clothes. Others were wrapped in ribbons and gift bags. The clothes and accessories were so much, we stopped counting. In addition to donating baby goods to needy individuals and babyhouses, Colours of Hope also donated 300 nappy bags filled baby essentials as well as sanitary towels for the underprivileged mums. The Vaal Muslim Womens Forum added 100 nappy bags, totaling 432 nappy bags distributed to the needy, excluding baby hampers.

Of the 100 bags donated by the Vaal Muslim Womens Forum (VMWF), 74 nappy bags were donated to the Hillbrow Community Health Centre on 10 November 2017 by Colours of Hope (COH) and the VMWF. 26 bags were given to VMWF member, Juby Jada who handed out the bags as needed to the disadvantaged in the community.

Apart from several needy and destitute individuals, baby goods were donated to the following organisations:
Adopt A Muaddhin Project in Durban, KwaZulu Natal (Shaeda Jhazbhay) Baobab Babies Doulas in East and West Rand, Gauteng (Sandy Paulo) GRIP (Greater Rape Intervention Project) in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga (Sakina Mohamed), Home Meah in Newcastle, KwaZulu Natal (Ria Naudé)
House of Grace Richards Bay, KwaZulu Natal (Precious)
Mzingazi informal settlement in Richards Bay, KwaZulu Natal
Ngwana Babyhouse in Polokwane, Limpopo (Amanda Koekemoer) The Grace Factory in Sandton, Gauteng (Alison Wright)
The Salvation Army, Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu Natal (Paula Robinson)

Recipients of nappy bags filled with baby essentials:
Rahima Moosa Mother and Child Hospital (Coronationville, Johannesburg)
22 bags – First Distribution (01 November 2016)
29 bags – Second Distrubution (07 November 2016) 27 bags – Third Distibuion (08 November 2016)

Hillbrow Community Health Centre (Hillbrow, Johannesburg)
30 bags – First distribution (10 November 2016)
22 bags – Second distribution (17 November 2016) 17 bags – Third distribution (01 December 2016)

Charlotte Maxeke (Johannesburg General) Hospital
30 bags (19 November 2016)

Alex Aids Orphan Project (Alexandra Township, Johannesburg)
30 bags (19 November 2016)

Mofolo Community Health Centre (Soweto, Johannesburg)
16 bags (24 November 2016)

Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital (Johannesburg, Gauteng)
28 bags (05 January 2017) 19 hampers

Individual recipients
81 bags (from October to December 2016)

Donation for Solar Water Wells in Syria [REPORT]

Date / Duration : 15 October 2016
TOTAL: 7,806.00 ZAR to The Two Lights Foundation

As mentioned by One Nation (UK), when roads are cut off by the Syrian regime, fuel does not get into the camps so the prices of fuel and water sky rockets. Solar powered water wells is a more sustainable way of providing water to the people where they no longer have to depend on diesel.These wells will be in strategic places so many people have access to them and thousands can benefit form it daily.

The Two Lights Foundation (TTLF) raised funds for One Nation UK to build solar powered water wells for the Syrian people in refugee camps. Colours of Hope donated 4,300.00 ZAR (first payment) and 3,506.00 ZAR (second payment) towards this project.

Gift A Quraan [REPORT]

A Total of 343 Arabic Qurans; 45 English Translation Qurans; 110 Towards Reading Quraan Part 1 and 2 were sent to Ghana, Kumasi in Ashanti region, via Dhl International.

1st shipment received on 14 July 2016 -100 Qurans (Waterval)

2nd shipment received on 23 July 2016 – 243 Arabic Qurans, 45 English translation Quraans, 110 Towards Reading Quraan Part 1 and 2

Qurans and kitaabs were distributed in Ghana, Najahia Islamic School, Kumasi (Ashanti region) and Bawaku, Northern Ghana (Ansarud-deen Islamic School) and a few other surrounding areas.

Below is a list of Quraans distributed in South Africa:

Nigel girls / boys Orphanage and old age home
x100 30 juz Arabic

Kwathema Madressah
Springs Al Yaseen Centre
x 10 30 juz Arabic / English translation
(Quraan made easy)
x 10 30 juz Arabi

Madrassah Miftahul uloom Kwathema, Springs (Apa Zainab)
x 10 30 juz Arabic / English translation
(Quraan made easy)
x 10 30 juz Arabic

An Noor Islamic Centre Klipspruit
x 20 TRQ part 1
x 20 TRQ part 2
x 20 30 juz Arabic / English translation
(Quraan made easy)
x 10 30 juz Arabic

Madrassah Zaidud Deen (Klipspruit valley)
Apa Sadia
x 12 TRQ part 1
x 6 TRQ part 2
x 6 30 juz English / Arabic Translation
(Quraan made easy)
x 2 30 juz Zulu translation
x 1 set of 30 individual paras

Baitul Ilm (Eldorado park)
(Apa Amina Kaldien)
x 50 30 juz Arabic Quraans
x 11 Rainbow Quraans ( for graduation)

Madrassah Ihya Uloomudeen
x 300 English Translation ( Saheeh int)
x 90 30 juz Arabic Quraans

Dawah Centre Bosmont
( Fatima Randeree)
x 100 30 juz English translation (Saheeh int)

Madrassah Haseena ( Inanda) Durban
20x TRQ Part 1
10x TRQ Part 2

Westbury Madrassah
x 35 30 juz Arabic Quraans

Madrassah in Mozambique
x 35 30 juz Arabic Quraans

Helping hands (private revert Mads)
4 x English( Saheeh int)
4 x 30 juz Arabic

Somali Madrassah
42 x 30 juz Arabic with Arabic translation

Madrassah tus Sawlihaat (Mayfair)
Aalimah and hifz graduates
2 x Quraan made easy
11 x Rainbow Quraans

3 Masajid in Daveyton , Benoni
66 x Arabic
3 x Arabic /English
4 x English
2x Zulu
1 x Tafseer 1-10 juz
12 x Islamic lit (Qur’aanic Proofs of Allahs miracles – Homaidi Press)

x 4 Arabic 30 juz
x 5 English
x 5 30 juz Arabic to English Translation
x 2 Zulu
x 5 Colour coded Arabic

x 343 Arabic Qurans
x 45 English Translation Qurans
(Noble Quraan, Muhsin Khan)
x 110 Towards Reading Quraan Part 1 and 2

Gift A Quran in Ramadaan Project [REPORT]

Date / Duration : 12 May 2016 to 30 June 2016

Many of us have to be told to respect our Qurans, or take them out to be read. This is a privilege many of us take lightly.
In 2013, prior to the formation of Colours of Hope, a letter came through to Madrasah Ummul Hasanaat. The letter was from the Sakafia Students Association desperate for Qurans. Madrasah Ummul Hasanaat, soon to be Colours of Hope responded and delivered Qurans to Kumasi, Ghana in 2013. This year the response was so good that we decided to send Qurans to Ghana again as well as distribute locally.

A Total of 343 Arabic Qurans; 45 English Translation Qurans; 110 Towards Reading Quraan Part 1 and 2 were sent to Ghana, Kumasi in Ashanti region, via Dhl International.

1st shipment received on 14 July 2016 -100 Qurans (Waterval print) 2nd shipment received on 23 July 2016 – 243 Arabic Qurans, 45 English translation Qurans, 110 Towards Reading Quran Part 1 and 2.

Qurans and kitaabs were distributed in Ghana, Najahia Islamic School, Kumasi (Ashanti region) and Bawaku, Northern Ghana (Ansarud-deen Islamic School) and a few other surrounding areas.

Distribution of Qurans to the Nigel Orphanages was done by the South National Muslim Women Forum (SANMWF).

Below is a list of Qurans distributed in South Africa :
Nigel Girls and Boys Orphanage, Nigel, Gauteng
30 Juz Arabic – 100 copies

Madrasah Miftahul Uloom Kwathema, Springs, Gauteng (Apa Zainab)
30 Juz Arabic / English translation – 10 copies
30 Juz Arabic – 10 copies

An Noor Islamic Centre, Klipspruit, Gauteng
Towards Reading Quraan part 1 – 20 copies Towards Reading Quraan part 2 – 20 copies 30 Juz Arabic / English translation – 20 copies 30 Juz Arabic – 10 copies

Madrasah Zaidud Deen, Klipspruit Valley, Gauteng (Apa Sadia)
Towards Reading Quraan part 1 – 12 copies Towards Reading Quraan part 2 – 6 copies 30 Juz English / Arabic Translation – 6 copies 30 Juz Sotho Translation – 2 copies
30 Individual paras – 1 set

Baitul Ilm, Eldorado Park, Gauteng (Apa Amina Kaldien)
30 Juz Arabic Quran – 50 copies
Rainbow Quran (for graduation) – 11 copies

Madrasah Ihya Uloomudeen, Ennerdale, Gauteng
English Translation – 300 copies 30 Juz Arabic Quran – 89 copies

Dawah Centre, Bosmont, Gauteng (Fatima Randeree)
30 Juz English Translation – 300 copies

Madrasah Haseena, Inanda, Durban
Towards Reading Quraan Part 1 – 20 copies Towards Reading Quraan Part 2 – 10 copies

Westbury Madrasah
30 Juz Arabic Quran – 35 copies

Madrasah in Mozambique
30 juz Arabic Quran – 35 copies

Helping hands (Private Maktab Madrasah for Reverts) English Translation – 4 copies
30 Juz Arabic – 4 copies

Arabic 30 Juz – 4 copies
English – 5 copies
30 Juz Arabic to English Translation – 1 copy

Donation to Al Imdaad Ramadan Aid [REPORT]

Date / Duration : 28 June 2016
TOTAL FUNDS: 48,639.00 ZAR to Al Imdaad Foundation (Ramadaan Aid 2016) 24,668.00 ZAR- Zakaah 11,298.00 ZAR- Lillaah

Al Imdaad needs no introduction in the humanitarian field. What a better way than to give in the month of fasting. Colours of Hope donated funds to the Al-Imdaad Ramadaan Aid Hampers in June 2016. The many who donated their zakaah and lillaah knowing that Ramadan is a time of mercy, compassion and increased reward, not just filled hungry tummies and put smiles on the faces of those in need, but relieved the parents of hungry children who knew not where their next meal would come from.

Iftar (Syria) Appeal 2016 [REPORT]

Date / Duration : 17 June to 22 June 2016
TOTAL FUNDS: 35,966.00 ZAR to One Solid Ummah for Iftar meals 24,668.00 ZAR- Zakaah – 11,298.00 ZAR- Lillaah

For just $2 per meal for Iftar in Syria, people here in South Africa were able to feed a destitute,
fasting person. What a great feeling to feed our destitute, fasting brothers. One Solid Ummah’s hard work on the ground in Idlib, Syria has been and continues to be amazing. Funds were donated via PayPal through a page of One Solid Ummah on a crowdfunding website. We hope we can do this next year again God willing. Donate to Colours of Hope with reference “iftar L (for lillaah) or iftar Z (for zakaah).

Salaamedia Syrian Paralysis Campaign [REPORT]

Date / Duration : 25 February 2016 to 13 April 2016
TOTAL DIAPERS: 39 100 diapers to Salaamedia / Salaam Foundation – 22 030 Adult diapers – 17 070 Children diapers

Thousands of Syrians who have been, literally, torn apart by the war have been left mamed and disabled. It is a common sight to see Syrians of all ages without a limb or two, or an incapacitated father who was the only bread winner in the home, now unable to fend for his family. No amount of words can do justice to how that man feels. There is no dignity even in relieving oneself in such a tragic condition. Adult diapers is an essential for many disabled who have nothing and no one to aid them. Colours of Hope assisted by collecting adult and baby nappies (diapers) on behalf of Salaamedia for paralysed Syrian refugees, to be shipped from South Africa to coordinating partners, the IHH, in Turkey.