Atma Youth Centre (Syria) [REPORT]

Date / Duration : 16 November 2017 until target is reached

Beneficiary: IDP Youth inside Syria refugee camps

TOTAL FUNDS THUS FAR: 72,635.00 ZAR to The Two Lights Foundation

Target Not Reached. Project still running.

With overpopulated refugee camps, the lack of education and youth facilities and the after effects of war have lead to serious psychological implications, There are tens of thousands of children that were either born during the war or raised in it that do not have access to schools let alone youth facilities. COH and One Wish Syria felt it necessary to build a youth centre for Syrian youth not just to develop skills but also to take a break for the crowded refugee camps and maintain healthy relationships with other youth. The centre was to be built initially in Atma refugee camp, better known as “Atmeh” on the Turkish border consisted almost entirely of tents. But with One Wish Syria having to move during air strikes, the youth centre will now be built in Darkoush, Idlib- hoping air strikes are not intensified. 

On 12 July 2018 an amount of ZAR72,635.00 was donated (to One Wish Syria) via The Two Lights Foundation. Unfortunately the target was not reached and COH will continue to raise funds for the building of the centre until target is reached.

Womens Day 2018 [REPORT]

Date: 08 August 2018

Beneficiary: Maternity Ward at Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital, Gauteng

Total items donated: 74 Baby hampers                      

COH was met with anticipation by Mr N Mazibuko and Mr Khoza at Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital. 

After assistant managers, sisters N. Nhleko, D.L Netshidzati, and L.P Dlamini from the maternity wards checked the baby packs prior to our entrance into the wards, the COH team distributed 74 baby packs to delighted mums of two wards.

The packs contained a blanket, beanie, scarf, shoes, bibs and a toy. Four babies awaiting adoption were also handed packs.

Rohingya Qurbani Appeal 2018 /1439 [REPORT]

Date / Duration : 25 July 2018 to 04 August 2018

Beneficiary: IDP (Rohingya) in Rathedaung, Arakan (Myanmar) and Refugees in Jadimora camp, Bangladesh

TOTAL FUNDS: 625 GBP approx 11,000 ZAR to Lonely Orphans UK

Lonely Orphans has been doing Qurbani for Rohingya Refugees since 2013, and this is our second year at bigger scale doing Qurbani in the affected areas of Arakan. This in fact may be the first of its kind in region particularly surrounding the Maungdaw and Buthidung townships.

625 GBP approximately ZAR11,000 was donated to Lonely Orphans UK via PayPal on 07 August 2018.

1 cow to the value of approximately and 1 goat was slaughtered and meat distributed to needy Rohingya.

Eid ul Adha for the Islamic year 1439 was celebrated on 21 August 2018 with the sacrifice continuing for three days thereafter. In Arakan, the sacrificial animal was purchased in a different part of the country and transported to Rathedaung township. In Bangladesh the animal was purchased locally near Jadimora camp.

Lonely Orphans confirmed on 24 August 2018 that all Qurbani orders were completed and the meat distributed. The cow was shared to 500 needy people inside Arakan; Sin Kon Daine village; Rathedaung Township, while the goat meat was distributed in Jadimora; Bangladesh refugee camp.

Mandela Day 2018- Thuthuzela Community Aid Centre, Marlboro, Gauteng [REPORT]

Date : 18 July 2018

Beneficiary: Thuthuzela Community Aid Centre, Marlboro, Gauteng

Total items donated:

15 Mink blankets

90 party packs

4 wooden puzzles

3 building puzzles

3 boxes of flashcards

This project was headed by COH Director, H. Ahmed. The Thuthuzela Aid Community Center, situated on the border of Alexandra township in Gauteng is an orphanage and day-care centre that provides a place of safety for abandoned, abused and neglected children.The centre houses 15 children aged 4 to 16 as well as a day care centre which accommodates 75 children. Colours of Hope wanted to donate something the children could keep with them and use in their daily lives.

The friendly and bubbly Otillia, and other staff members warmly received the COH team and introduced the team to the children. The centre is well maintained, clean and homely. The children were very excited to receive their gifts. 

A good quality Mink blanket to each child of the orphanage was donated by Colours of Hope as well as party packs and puzzles. Each of the 90 party packs comprised of  a packet of crisp, box of juice, Smarties candy and a lollipop.

The children were very appreciative and held up their newly received gifts in the air.  

Chad (CAR) Quran Project 2018 [REPORT]

Date / Duration : 25 April to 01 July 2018

Beneficiary: Refugees of Central African Republic

TOTAL FUNDS: 43,700.00 ZAR to Salaam Foundation

43,700.00 ZAR- Lillaah (for Qurans)                        

Azhar Vadi , journalist and Director of Salaam Foundation traveled to Chad to raise awareness of the plight of Central African Republic women and refugees in Chad. Vadi headed to Ndjamena, northern most Chad to Gaoui refugee camp, home to 5,000 CAR refugees where he heard horrific tales from the refugees. Food and Qurans were requested by the CAR refugees. A total of ZAR43,700.00 was donated on 13 July 2018 (towards the purchase of Qurans in Chad) to Salaam Foundation. On 05 December 2018, 470 Qurans were donated by the Salaam Foundation team at a camp in Ndjamena on behalf of Colours of Hope.

Iftaar Appeal 2018 [REPORT]

Date / Duration : 16 May to 01June 2018

Beneficiary: Internally Displaced People of Syria (Idlib)

TOTAL FUNDS: 49,468.85 ZAR (Lillaah) to One Solid Ummah for Iftar meals                  

COH completed their second Iftar Appeal Project (2018) in Syria with Abdullateef Khaled and the One Solid Ummah team. An amount of ZAR49,496.85 was donated on 03 June 2018 to provide 1,850 meals. The meals were distributed Wednesday, 06 June 2018, during the last 10 days of Ramadan, to orphans and the needy in Idlib, Syria.

Ghouta Emergency Appeal [REPORT]

Date / Duration : 23 February to 08 May 2018

Beneficiary: Internally Displaced People of freed territories in Syria- Idlib, rural Aleppo, Hama, Lattakia, rural Homs 

TOTAL FUNDS: 10,247.93 GBP equivalent to ZAR 179,138.28 to One Nation UK

5,357.99 GBP- Zakaah

4,889.94 GBP- Lillaah     

Distribution of bread and food packs was carried out by One Nation (Registered charity no 1156200) is a UK-based relief and development agency committed to alleviating poverty for those in dire need of humanitarian aid. One Nation, UK has been operating in Syria since 2014 and has teams on the ground who continue to monitor the situation on a daily basis. 

In 2018, over 200,000 refugees were forcefully evacuated from Eastern Ghouta and took refuge in various areas of Idlib. One Nation on behalf of Colours of Hope distributed 1 truck (25 tons) of flour as part of the Bread for Syria project.  Flat breads were distributed to 30,000 families and 91 food parcels (for 91 families) to the most needy refugees who arrived from Eastern Ghouta and other areas. 

The donations were used to feed 30,091 families in Idlib, Syria over a period of 13 days from 18 to 31 May 2018.

Baby Project 2017 [REPORT]

Date / Duration: 14 October 2017

Our Baby Project is an annual, purely South African project. All items are either brand new, barely or lightly used.

G.R.I.P (Items delivered 03 February 2018)
The topic of rape generally has a stigma of shame and silence attached to it. Many women under these circumstances find it difficult to provide for their babies, thus Colours of Hope assisted the Greater Rape Intervention Project in Nelspruit by donating baby clothes of various ages, toys, books and blankets and other items. The items were collected by Ms Sakina Mohamed and Sister Vivian from G.R.I.P, Nelspruit.

BAOBAB BABY (Items delivered 12 February 2018)
Colours of Hope sees the need in assisting underprivileged mums at the Shandukani Centre for Maternal Health in Hillbrow. Here, hundreds of baby clothing items, blankets, and a baby scale was donated via Sister Sandy Paulo, a birth doula at the centre on 12/03/2018.
Birth Doula Sandy then made up packs and distributed to the needy mums.

DOOR OF HOPE (Items delivered 23 February 2018)
Situated in a quiet suburb of Johannesburg, this home for abandoned babies sees to the needs of 41 babies and toddlers. We were welcomed by Manager, Celesetine Kyangana who was grateful for the donation. Stock controller, Claude Bonikay highlighted that every baby at the home was either found in the rubbish bin or on a street corner. “Your donation makes a big difference to the lives of these babies”, Celestine added. Boxes of baby clothes, play gyms, baby mobiles and blankets was donated by Colours of Hope on 23 February 2018.

HOSPITALS (Items delivered in April and May 2018)
See below.

Clothing Items
x 60 clothing items

x 214 clothing items

x 190 clothing items

x 118 clothing items

x 61 clothing items

x 13 clothing items

Baby Equipment & Accessories
DOOR OF HOPE – Glenvista, Johannesburg, Gauteng
2 x Cot bumpers
2 x non slip bath mats
5 x baby mobiles
4 x baby pillows
1 x baby mattress
10 x blankets
2 x shawls
1 x foam puzzle piece carpet

BAOBAB BABY – East Rand and West Rand, Hillbrow, Gauteng
10 x blankets
1 x Baby scale
1 x Cot bumper

2 x boxes toys and books
2 x baby mobiles
1 x box of kiddies knapsacks
2 x non slip bath mats
10 x blankets
2 x baby shawls
1 x baby net
3 x changing mats

1 x Pram
2 x Car seats
4 x Play gyms
2 x Camp Cots
1 x box plush toys
2 x large quilts
21 x baby rompers
24 x pouch food pkts
12 x goats milk formula tins

Bags / Hampers (Delivered in March and April 2018)

•30 x bags were delivered on 03 March 2018 to O.R TAMBO MEMORIAL HOSPITAL distributed by the Benoni Ladies Forum. Each hamper bag consisted of the following items:
baby cream, Vaseline tub, baby powder, baby bum cream, baby wipes, baby vest, romper, baby blanket.

The following items delivered on 26 March 2018. Baby packs were prepared for CHARLOTTE MAXEKE HOSPITAL, distributed by The Grace Factory.
• 669 x baby rompers
•15 x baby rattles
•15 x disposable bibs (6 in a pack)
•1 x baby monitor
•1 x baby food warmer
•1 x toilet training seat

RAHEEMA MOOSA HOSPITAL- Johannesburg, Gauteng
•47 x baby bags were delivered on 17 April 2018 to RAHEEMA MOOSA HOSPITAL, distributed by Colours of Hope. Each hamper bag consisted of the following items:
10 nappies, baby cream, baby cologne, baby powder, baby bum cream, baby wipes, baby vest, romper, maternity pads, baby blanket.

The following items were delivered on 27 April 2018:
•10 x bibs
•8 x vests
•15 x Tops
•15 x Pants
•20 x Rompers
•14 x Beanies
•4 x tights
•1 x Bottle sterilising unit
•1 x Baby bath seat

ZAHARA’S CRECHE – Siyahlala Informal Settlement, Newcastle, KwaZulu Natal
The following items were delivered on 03 June 2018:
4 x boys tracksuits (0 to 3 months)
2 x girls sweater and pants (18 to 24 months)
10 pairs of shoes (2 years old)
33 x sweaters/t-shirts (2 to 3 years)
9 x pants (2 to 3 years)
2 x track suits (2 to 3 years)
5 x pairs socks (2 to 3 years)
2 x Baby wipes
2 x Petroleum Jelly
2 x Baby soap

Project Kids Can [REPORT]

Date / Duration: 24 July 2017 to 21 September 2017
TOTAL FUNDS: 52,033.45 ZAR to Gift Of The Givers Foundation (GOTG).
24,111.30 ZAR – Lillaah for Somalia
27,922.15 ZAR – Zakaah for Yemen
TOTAL ITEMS: Over 3,200 tins of canned food

Yemen and Somalia have the highest malnutrition rates in the world. Over 300 000 children alone are starving in Yemen. Continuous war have left these countries in a deteriorating condition of starvation and destitution.
Colours of Hope launched Project Kids Can to assist the Gift of The Givers Somalia and Yemen projects. This project urged schools, and learners to partake in an effortless way to help alleviate hunger in these countries.
Over thirty schools and learning institutes in Gauteng were invited by Colours of Hope (COH) to partake in this project. More than 26 schools participated. Donation of funds were transferred on 05 December 2017 to the Gift of The Givers Foundation (GOTG).

19 January 2018
Mogadishu office received 14 x 20 ft Containers carrying different types of food and medical equipment from GOTG Head Office in South Africa.
The Mogadishu logistic office offloaded to GOTG warehouses at Wabari District in Mogadishu, Somalia, Africa.
Jacobs thanked COH for their donation of 24,111.30 ZAR for Somalia specifically made during the COH project Kids Can.

18 March 2018
Food distribution for Internally Displaced People in Taiz Province, Yemen.
GOTG team in Yemen distrbuted 1,300 food parcels in province of Taiz to the IDP’s.
Each food parcels contains (cooking oil, canned fish, canned beans and rice). The quantity of each food parcel is 48 kg.