Today we shared in the delight of the students at #Jobstown Primary School in Newcastle KZN. Salaam Foundation distributed much needed school shoes to students in need, courtesy of #climbing4saeducation. Really heart warming to see.

Jobstown Primary School Appeal *

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Donation Total: R20.00

The Colours of Hope team was warmly received by Mr Mkhize, principal of JCPS who arranged for the children to be in the assembly area within minutes. A well planned itinerary was delightfully executed by the learners from Grades 1 to 7, commemorating Nelson Mandela.

The program ended with Sa’uda Ismail, CEO of Colours of Hope addressing the children. Her speech began with Mandela’s quotes “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” She urged children to go beyond seeking knowledge for material gain alone. Her speech was based on this, “The power of education extends beyond the development of skills we need for economic success. It can contribute to nation-building and reconciliation”- Nelson Mandela. Ismail spoke about the importance of uplifting each other, being kind and explaining terms like compassion and empathy. What a better way to commemorate Mandela Day.

Thereafter a pair of gloves and a snack was handed out to each learner. We look forward to our next meeting with the school and staff of Jobstown Primary.
Help us empower these learners by making their educational journey a beneficial one.
Donate today and help take responsibility in your own country, one step at a time.

Jobstown Primary School Appeal *

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Donation Total: R20.00

Colours of Hope distributed 81 baby hampers at Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital on Thursday, 27 June 2019. Each hamper contained toiletries, clothing items, and included maternity pads for the mothers. Colours of Hope also handed out clothing packs, each one containing a baby vest and outfit, labeled with the age and gender of the baby, as well as the season.

We were met by the friendly Ms. Khululeko Petunia Sambo, Mr. William Lenyanyabedi (photographer), and Sister Sephodiwe, who accompanied us throughout the wards. They eagerly helped with the distribution and expressed their gratitude that Colours of Hope continues to donate annually to the moms and babies of their hospital.

The Colours of Hope Youth team also eagerly awaited their visit to the innocent and pure little souls that the hospital terms as ”abandoned babies”: babies who are left at the hospital after birth, awaiting adoption. There is an estimated 3 000 babies abandoned in South Africa each year. Colours of Hope continues to donate to as many as we can reach. Please spare an item of clothing for a little one.

We’d like to thank all our donors and volunteers for their valuable donations and efforts. Without you, this would not be possible.
For more information about the COH Baby Run or if you’d like to contribute to this project, view the project on our website,

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To all those who put a smile on a disadvantaged child’s face in Yemen this Eid… THANK YOU! May the Almighty bless you and reward you abundantly for contributing to our Eid gifts in Yemen with One Nation. #yemeneidgifts #yemeneidi #eidclothesforyemenikids

Khan Younis Water Appeal *

R301,600 of R850,000 raised
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Donation Total: R250.00

Date / Duration: 24 May to 22 June 2017

COH concentrated on local distributions.
There has been several requests for prayer mats (Musalla) hence the #GiftAQuran #GiftAMusalla project.

Below is a list of Qurans distributed:
Al Azhar Islamic School, Central Durban, KwaZulu Natal
Care of Anisa Moola
5 Juz Arabic – 25 copies
30 Juz Arabic – 25 copies

Baitul Ilm Maktab, Nancefield, Johannesburg, Gauteng
Care of Apa Amina Kaldien
Towards Reading Quraan Part 1 – 40 copies
Towards Reading Quraan Part 2 – 40 copies

Community Outreach Projects, Western Cape
Care of Thaabiet Sadan and Ansaaf Payne
Arabic/English Translation (Marmeduke Pickthall) – 240 copies
English translation (Abdullah Yusuf Ali) – 279 copies
Arabic Alphabet boards – 80 pieces
Yassarnal Quraan Part 1 – 76 copies
Yassarnal Quraan Part 2 – 56 copies
30 Juz Arabic – 60 copies

Darul Aytaam Orphanage, Robertsham, Johannesburg, Gauteng
Towards Reading Quraan Part 1 – 20 copies
Towards Reading Quraan Part 2 – 20 copies
30 Juz Arabic – 15 copies

Eldorado Park Muslim Council, Johannesburg, Gauteng
Care of Imaam Evans
30 Auz Arabic – 50 copies
Arabic/English Translation – 30 copies
30 Juz set (small) – 1 set
Musalla (Prayer Mats) – 80 pieces

Masjid Taqwa, Mayfair, Johannesburg, Gauteng
Care of Ali
Uthmani Qurans – 57 copies

Samawiyya Madrassah, Eastern Machinga, Ntadukule Village, Malawi
Care of Musa Mtomwa
Yassarnal Quraan Part 1 – 200 copies
Yassarnal Quraan Part 2 – 200 copies

Evaton Islamic Centre, Pretoria, Gauteng
Care of Shaykh Saeed and Sister Adila Amod
30 Juz Arabic – 20 copies
Towards Reading Quran Part 1 – 26 copies
Towards Reading Quran Part 2 – 26 copies
Arabic Alphabet board – 25 pieces
Musalla – 20 pieces

Date / Duration: 14 October 2017

Our Baby Project is an annual, purely South African project. All items are either brand new, barely or lightly used.

G.R.I.P (Items delivered 03 February 2018)
The topic of rape generally has a stigma of shame and silence attached to it. Many women under these circumstances find it difficult to provide for their babies, thus Colours of Hope assisted the Greater Rape Intervention Project in Nelspruit by donating baby clothes of various ages, toys, books and blankets and other items. The items were collected by Ms Sakina Mohamed and Sister Vivian from G.R.I.P, Nelspruit.

BAOBAB BABY (Items delivered 12 February 2018)
Colours of Hope sees the need in assisting underprivileged mums at the Shandukani Centre for Maternal Health in Hillbrow. Here, hundreds of baby clothing items, blankets, and a baby scale was donated via Sister Sandy Paulo, a birth doula at the centre on 12/03/2018.
Birth Doula Sandy then made up packs and distributed to the needy mums.

DOOR OF HOPE (Items delivered 23 February 2018)
Situated in a quiet suburb of Johannesburg, this home for abandoned babies sees to the needs of 41 babies and toddlers. We were welcomed by Manager, Celesetine Kyangana who was grateful for the donation. Stock controller, Claude Bonikay highlighted that every baby at the home was either found in the rubbish bin or on a street corner. “Your donation makes a big difference to the lives of these babies”, Celestine added. Boxes of baby clothes, play gyms, baby mobiles and blankets was donated by Colours of Hope on 23 February 2018.

HOSPITALS (Items delivered in April and May 2018)
See below.

Clothing Items
x 60 clothing items

x 214 clothing items

x 190 clothing items

x 118 clothing items

x 61 clothing items

x 13 clothing items

Baby Equipment & Accessories
DOOR OF HOPE – Glenvista, Johannesburg, Gauteng
2 x Cot bumpers
2 x non slip bath mats
5 x baby mobiles
4 x baby pillows
1 x baby mattress
10 x blankets
2 x shawls
1 x foam puzzle piece carpet

BAOBAB BABY – East Rand and West Rand, Hillbrow, Gauteng
10 x blankets
1 x Baby scale
1 x Cot bumper

2 x boxes toys and books
2 x baby mobiles
1 x box of kiddies knapsacks
2 x non slip bath mats
10 x blankets
2 x baby shawls
1 x baby net
3 x changing mats

1 x Pram
2 x Car seats
4 x Play gyms
2 x Camp Cots
1 x box plush toys
2 x large quilts
21 x baby rompers
24 x pouch food pkts
12 x goats milk formula tins

Bags / Hampers (Delivered in March and April 2018)

•30 x bags were delivered on 03 March 2018 to O.R TAMBO MEMORIAL HOSPITAL distributed by the Benoni Ladies Forum. Each hamper bag consisted of the following items:
baby cream, Vaseline tub, baby powder, baby bum cream, baby wipes, baby vest, romper, baby blanket.

The following items delivered on 26 March 2018. Baby packs were prepared for CHARLOTTE MAXEKE HOSPITAL, distributed by The Grace Factory.
• 669 x baby rompers
•15 x baby rattles
•15 x disposable bibs (6 in a pack)
•1 x baby monitor
•1 x baby food warmer
•1 x toilet training seat

RAHEEMA MOOSA HOSPITAL- Johannesburg, Gauteng
•47 x baby bags were delivered on 17 April 2018 to RAHEEMA MOOSA HOSPITAL, distributed by Colours of Hope. Each hamper bag consisted of the following items:
10 nappies, baby cream, baby cologne, baby powder, baby bum cream, baby wipes, baby vest, romper, maternity pads, baby blanket.

The following items were delivered on 27 April 2018:
•10 x bibs
•8 x vests
•15 x Tops
•15 x Pants
•20 x Rompers
•14 x Beanies
•4 x tights
•1 x Bottle sterilising unit
•1 x Baby bath seat

ZAHARA’S CRECHE – Siyahlala Informal Settlement, Newcastle, KwaZulu Natal
The following items were delivered on 03 June 2018:
4 x boys tracksuits (0 to 3 months)
2 x girls sweater and pants (18 to 24 months)
10 pairs of shoes (2 years old)
33 x sweaters/t-shirts (2 to 3 years)
9 x pants (2 to 3 years)
2 x track suits (2 to 3 years)
5 x pairs socks (2 to 3 years)
2 x Baby wipes
2 x Petroleum Jelly
2 x Baby soap

Date / Duration: 16 September 2017
TOTAL FUNDS: 105,290.21 ZAR

65,040.21 ZAR to al Imdaad Foundation (AIF) for meals to Rohingya refugees
65,040.21 ZAR – Lillaah

40,250.00 ZAR to Mèdicins Sans Frontières/ Doctors Without Borders (MSF) for Diphtheria Intervention
17,200.00 – Lillaah
23,050.00 – Zakaah

Colours of Hope held a Womens Fundraising Lunch for Rohingya Relief on 05 November 2017. 210 ladies attended the event. Speakers included Shabnam Mayet- Advocate and Spokesperson for Protect The Rohingya, Zeenat Adam- International Relations and member of Protect the Rohingya, Ludivine Houdet, Head of Resource Mobilisation of MSF Southern Africa and journalist and Co Director of Salaamedia- Azhar Vadi.
A total of 65,040.21 ZAR was donated on 20 December 2017 to the Al Imdaad Foundation who reported thus:

Following the most recent rounds of violence on the historically persecuted Rohingya minority in Myanmar beginning August 25th, 2017, more than 650 000 refugees have fled across the border into Bangladesh bringing the number of Rohingya in the country close to a million. The newly displaced refugees are living in very poor conditions in overcrowded camps in and around the Cox’s Bazar area in Southern Bangladesh. Most refugees left home with little but the clothes on their backs and have been eking out an existence in the camps living hand to mouth often solely reliant on humanitarian distributions. Al-Imdaad Foundation has been conducting projects for the benefit of the refugees since early September 2017 and the current project brought about by generous donations from your organisation is part of this initiative. The project aimed to provide nutrition for Rohingya refugees who have been struggling with hunger and inadequate food security.

09 January 2018
This project involved the purchase and slaughter of cows and the preparation of a fresh curried meal for Rohingya refugees in various camps and settlements around Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh.
The slaughtered cows were cooked in large pots on open flame fires as per the local method. The food was then packaged into individual serving containers and distributed along with freshly prepared rice. The meals were distributed hot to refugees from the Gundum (Camps 1, 2 and 3) and Balukhali Camp.
The generous contribution from Colours of Hope was able to provide fresh, hot, wholesome meals for approximately 3,202 individuals at a cost of R20.00 per meal. Many refugees have been struggling with basic nutrition so the opportunity to have a proper meal was greatly appreciated by the beneficiaries.

Close to the Kutupalong makeshift camp in Cox’s Bazar district, MSF runs a clinic offering comprehensive basic and emergency healthcare, as well as inpatient and laboratory services to Rohingya refugees and the local community.

On 5 December 2017, a Market Day Fundraiser for Rohingya Relief was held by COH and the support of Volunteer, Rubeena Jadwat of Newcastle, KZN. Proceeds of the event was donated to MSF on 27 December 2017.
A total of R40,250.00 was donated to Mèdicins Sans Frontieres/MSF (Doctors Without Borders) and used towards the MSF Diphtheria Intervention.

Diphtheria, a disease long forgotten in most parts of the world, is re-emerging in Bangladesh, where more than 655,000 Rohingya have sought refuge since 25 August 2017, following increased violence in Myanmar.Diphtheria is a contagious bacterial infection that often causes the buildup of the sticky grey-white membrane in the throat or nose. The infection is known to cause airway obstruction and damage to the heart and nervous system. The emergence and the spread of diphtheria show how vulnerable Rohingya refugees are. To contain the spread of the diseases, the most important measure is to ensure vaccination coverage in the shortest possible time. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, with the support of other entities, started a mass vaccination campaign, which MSF have been supporting by setting up fixed points in our health posts. Ludivine Houdet, Head of Resource Mobilisation of MSF Southern Africa-
“The funds of Colours of Hope has been key to support MSF Diphtheria intervention. As of 21 December, MSF has seen more than 2000 suspected cases in its health facilities and the number continues to rise each day. The majority of patients are between 5 and 14 years old. By the end of January 2018, MSF teams treated more than 4,000 cases of diphtheria, the majority of patients were aged 5-14 years old”.

Date / Duration: 24 July 2017 to 21 September 2017
TOTAL FUNDS: 52,033.45 ZAR to Gift Of The Givers Foundation (GOTG).
24,111.30 ZAR – Lillaah for Somalia
27,922.15 ZAR – Zakaah for Yemen
TOTAL ITEMS: Over 3,200 tins of canned food

Yemen and Somalia have the highest malnutrition rates in the world. Over 300 000 children alone are starving in Yemen. Continuous war have left these countries in a deteriorating condition of starvation and destitution.
Colours of Hope launched Project Kids Can to assist the Gift of The Givers Somalia and Yemen projects. This project urged schools, and learners to partake in an effortless way to help alleviate hunger in these countries.
Over thirty schools and learning institutes in Gauteng were invited by Colours of Hope (COH) to partake in this project. More than 26 schools participated. Donation of funds were transferred on 05 December 2017 to the Gift of The Givers Foundation (GOTG).

19 January 2018
Mogadishu office received 14 x 20 ft Containers carrying different types of food and medical equipment from GOTG Head Office in South Africa.
The Mogadishu logistic office offloaded to GOTG warehouses at Wabari District in Mogadishu, Somalia, Africa.
Jacobs thanked COH for their donation of 24,111.30 ZAR for Somalia specifically made during the COH project Kids Can.

18 March 2018
Food distribution for Internally Displaced People in Taiz Province, Yemen.
GOTG team in Yemen distrbuted 1,300 food parcels in province of Taiz to the IDP’s.
Each food parcels contains (cooking oil, canned fish, canned beans and rice). The quantity of each food parcel is 48 kg.

Date / Duration : July to August 2017
TOTAL FUNDS: 28,679.25 ZAR to Al Imdaad Foundation
27,100.00 ZAR- Zakaah – 1,579.25 ZAR- Lillaah

The Al-Imdaad Foundation has been working in Palestine since its inception in 2003 and has made tremendous and significant strides in rehabilitating the over-burdened health sector in Gaza. Al Imdaad runs a medical rehabilitation programme for poor Palestinians, needing specialised treatments that at times, are not available in the country. The Al- Imdaad Foundation covers the expense of these specialised treatments, which have been undertaken in other regional centres.

The donation towards the Al Imdaad Gaza Medical Rehabilitation project was made on 30 August 2017. Colours of Hope hopes to continue to be a part of sustainable health care not just in Gaza but wherever it is needed all over the world.