Approximately 700 Arabic Qurans and 500 Translation Qurans were distributed to Maktab Madrasahs, Darul Ulooms, etc. over a period of four months (July 2016 to Nov 2016). We would like to thank the people of South Africa for making the Gift A Quran Project 2016 a huge success. Jazaakallah to Mr Jeewa in Durban for donating Rainbow Qurans to the Gift A Quran Project and ITV for promoting this project. Below is a breakdown of the Gift A Quran distribution for 2016.

Nigel Girls and Boys Orphanage via South Africa National Muslim Womens Forum

x100  30 juz Arabic 


Madrasah Miftahul Uloom Kwathema, Springs (Apa Zainab)

x 10  30 juz Arabic / English translation 

x 10  30 juz Arabic


An Noor Islamic Centre Klipspruit 

x 20 TRQ part 1

x 20 part 2 

x 20 30 juz Arabic / English translation 

x 10  30 juz Arabic 


Madrasah Zaidud Deen, Klipspruit Valley (Apa Sadia)

x 12  TRQ part 1 

x 6   TRQ part 2

x 6  30 juz English / Arabic Translation 

x 2  30 juz Sotho translation 

x 1 set of 30 individual juz 


Bait Ilm, Eldorado Park (Apa Amina Kaldien)

x 50  30 juz Arabic  Quraans 

x 11 Rainbow 30 Juz Arabic Quraans ( for graduation)


Madrasah Ilya Uloomudeen, Ennerdale

x 300 English Translation

x 89  30 juz Arabic Quraans


Dawn Centre, Bosmont ( Apa Fatima Randeree)

x 100  30 juz English translation 


Madrasah Haseena, Inanda, Durban 

20x TRQ Part 1 

10x TRQ Part 2


Westbury Madrasah, Jhb

x 35  30 juz Arabic Quraans 


Maktab Madrasah, Mozambique 

x 35   30 juz Arabic Quraans 


Private revert Maktab Madrasah via Helping Hands

x 4  Translation 

x 4  30 juz Arabic



x 4  30 juz Arabic  

x 5  English

x 1  30 juz Arabic to English Translation


Kumasi and Bawku, Ghana, Africa 

343 30 juz Arabic Qurans

45 English Translation Qurans

110 Towards Reading Quraan Part 1 and 2

1st shipment received on 14 July 2016 -100 Qurans (Waterval)

2nd shipment received on 23 July 2016 – 243 Arabic Qurans, 45 English translation Quraans, 110 Towards Reading Quraan Part 1 and 2



In April COH assisted in the Salaamedia Syrian Paralysis Support Camapign collecting diapers for adults and children. A 5km walk at Gibbons Park, Jhb was not just successful but heart warming too as children coloured in cards made by Colours of Hope to send through to Syria via Salaamedia, and distributed via IHH in Turkey to Syrian people.

Colours of Hope assisted in collecting funds for Salaamedia, facilitating a borehole at a school in Modimole, Limpopo.

Listen to the interview :

400 Quraans to Madressah Ihya Uloomudeen in Ennerdale

Alhamdulillah , by the mercy of Allah, Colours of Hope has donated approximately 400 Quraans to Madressah Ihya Uloomudeen in Ennerdale. This (females only) Madressa is unique in the sense that it is also an Islamic college. It houses students from previously disadvantaged communities namely; Poortjie, Ennerdale, Soweto, Mamelodi, etc.

Students from other countries (Malawi, Angola, Comorros Islands, Mozambique) reside and learn here as well.

The aim of the Girls College is to focus on the moral, social and spiritual upliftment of revert Muslims, the disadvantaged and needy. May Allah accept their efforts and concern for the Ummah.

We would like to say Jazaakallahu ahsanaljazaa to all the donors.
Your everlasting reward is with Allah!



By the grace of Allah, this morning 100 senior ladies from Newclare, Westbury and Bosmont recieved Quraans at a Dawah programme in Coronationville.

The annual event is coordinated by sister Fatima Randeree, where ladies are treated to inspiring talks, Nasheeds and treats.
What better treat than the noble Qur’aan!!!