Yemen and Somalia have the highest malnutrition rates in the world! Over 300 000 children alone are starving in Yemen. Continuous war have left these countries in a deteriorating condition of starvation and destitution.

Colours of Hope and H4U in conjunction with Gift of the Givers urge schools, and learners to partake in an effortless and noble way to help alleviate hunger in these starving countries. Parents, encourage your kids to show empathy for humanity… simply donate a can or two!

Gift A Quran or Musalla In Ramadan 2017

Ramadan is around the corner and everyone wants to be part of some good deed. What greater deed than spreading the word of Allah or gifting someone in need of a Quran? Make your Sadaqatul Jaariyah work for you and be part of the
#GiftAQuraan #GiftAMusallah this Ramadan.

Colours of Hope aims to provide Maktab Madrasahs, Islamic Centres and individuals with Qurans this Ramadan.
An appeal is made for one and all to open their hearts and wallets and
contribute toward this noble initiative.

A humble request for new Qurans only.
Cut off date : 20 June 2017

Donate cash to :
Madrasah Ummul Hasanaat
Acc no 62342996800
Branch code 250655
Ref: Qurans


Drop off Qur’aans at the ffg drop off points :

• FIETAS – 078 800 8304
• HOUGHTON – 072 771 8877‬
•MAYFAIR – 082 886 4604
• MARLBORO – 083 566 4212‬
• ORMONDE – Lakewood Estate – 072 217 5110
• ROOSEVELT PARK – 084 207 7720

• NEWCASTLE – 079 498 3479

For just $2 per meal for Iftar in Syria, people here in South Africa will be able to feed a destitute, fasting person. What a great feeling to feed our destitute, fasting brothers. One Solid Ummah’s hard work on the ground in Idlib, Syria has been and continues to be amazing. We hope we can do this next year again God willing. Donate to Colours of Hope with reference iftar L (for lillaah) or iftar Z (for zakaah).


With little humanitarian aid coming into war torn Syria and the continuous need for medical supplies, etc. Colours of Hope assisted by collecting adult and baby diapers on behalf of Salaamedia for paralysed Syrian refugees, to be shipped from South Africa to coordinating partners of Salaamedia, the IHH, in Turkey.

TOTAL FUNDS: 26,525.00 ZAR to Salaamedia (Syrian Paralysis Camapign)

14,428.00 ZAR- Zakaah

12,097.00 ZAR- Lillaah

TOTAL DIAPERS: 39 100 diapers to Salaamedia

22 030 Adult diapers

17 070 Children diapers