400 Quraans to Madressah Ihya Uloomudeen in Ennerdale

Alhamdulillah , by the mercy of Allah, Colours of Hope has donated approximately 400 Quraans to Madressah Ihya Uloomudeen in Ennerdale. This (females only) Madressa is unique in the sense that it is also an Islamic college. It houses students from previously disadvantaged communities namely; Poortjie, Ennerdale, Soweto, Mamelodi, etc.

Students from other countries (Malawi, Angola, Comorros Islands, Mozambique) reside and learn here as well.

The aim of the Girls College is to focus on the moral, social and spiritual upliftment of revert Muslims, the disadvantaged and needy. May Allah accept their efforts and concern for the Ummah.

We would like to say Jazaakallahu ahsanaljazaa to all the donors.
Your everlasting reward is with Allah!