is a project specifically to provide as many starving Rohingya refugees with a basic meal for a year. Many people arrive hungry, exhausted and with no food or water. Huddled under shelters of bamboo and plastic sheets beside them, they don’t know where their next meal will come from.

Join Colours of Hope and Al Fatiha Global (AFG) in our RICE FOR ROHINGYA project.
Sponsor a minimum of 5kg of rice per month by donating just R50/month or R600/year for 60kg rice.

There is no limit to the maximum amount as long as the donation is monthly (even if it is paid in lump sum).

We need as many people to join this (monthly donation) project. Invite your family and friends to donate to this worthy cause.

Al Fatiha Global is on the ground and have enabled its donors to provide aid to Rohingya refugees fleeing persecution since 2015.

The food is made by a Rohingya family living in a refugee camp. A family that fled persecution and went hungry for days, makes the food with the love and attention that few can match.
This approach gives existing refugees helped by AFG, the dignity to help others, by utilising their skills to vary and cook the kind of food the Rohingya are used to eating.

Speak to your Colours Of Hope Representative in your area to find out how you can join and make a difference!

  • Contact:

    Sa’uda : 079 498 3479
    Kaashifa : 082 886 4604
    Habiba : 083 566 4212
    Safiyya : 072 217 5110