Project Kids Can [REPORT]

Date / Duration : 24 July 2017 to 21 September 2017

Yemen and Somalia have the highest malnutrition rates in the world. Over 300 000 children alone are starving in Yemen. Continuous war have left these countries in a deteriorating condition of starvation and destitution.

Colours of Hope, joined by H4U, a support group in Gauteng, wishes to assist Gift of the Givers in sending canned food items to Yemen and Somalia thereby launching #ProjectKidsCan. This project urges schools, and learners to partake in an effortless way to help alleviate hunger in these starving countries. Parents and teachers alike, encourage children to show empathy for humanity by simply donating a can or two. Cash may also be donated. Your cans CAN make a difference!

To date, over thirty schools and learning institutes in Gauteng have been invited to partake in this project. More than ten have submitted their donations already. The cut off date for this project is 21 September 2017. As this project is currently running, progress on this will be updated in the next report God willing.

Donation to Gaza Medical Rehabilitation [REPORT]

Date / Duration : July to August 2017
TOTAL FUNDS: 28,679.25 ZAR to Al Imdaad Foundation
27,100.00 ZAR- Zakaah – 1,579.25 ZAR- Lillaah

The Al-Imdaad Foundation has been working in Palestine since its inception in 2003 and has made tremendous and significant strides in rehabilitating the over-burdened health sector in Gaza. Al Imdaad runs a medical rehabilitation programme for poor Palestinians, needing specialised treatments that at times, are not available in the country. The Al- Imdaad Foundation covers the expense of these specialised treatments, which have been undertaken in other regional centres.

The donation towards the Al Imdaad Gaza Medical Rehabilitation project was made on 30 August 2017. Colours of Hope hopes to continue to be a part of sustainable health care not just in Gaza but wherever it is needed all over the world.

Muslim Aids Programme Donation [REPORT]

Date / Duration : 17 August 2017

South Africa has the biggest and most high profile HIV epidemic in the world, with over 7 million people living with HIV.
The Muslim Aids Programme (MAP) is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation that extends services to individuals, families and communities infected and affected by the HIV/AIDS on a national, provincial and community level. MAP is a joint project of the Jamiatul- Ulama South Africa, Islamic Careline and Islamic Medical Association and has been in operation since 1997. MAP is part of the National strategic plan to reduce new infections with offices in Gauteng, North West, Kwa-Zulu Natal and Western Cape.

The Muslim AIDS Programme has established a number of awareness programmes, community development and empowerment programmes which are delivered to the communities through the help of Provincial Programme managers, care workers and volunteers.

Colours of Hope donated R500.00 to The Muslim Aids Programme (MAP) via the South African National Muslim Women’s Forum (SANMWF) on 17 August 2017. We hope to donate in future to this noble project.

Mandela Day 2017 [REPORT]

Date / Duration : 18 July 2017

July 18, 2017, Mandela day was a day of inspiration and motivation at the Hillbrow Community Health Centre.
The event was co-ordinated by Farahnaaz Suliman, manager of pharmacy department of the health centre.

Colours of Hope members along with young and vibrant volunteers spent the day at Hillbrow Health Centre’s out patients pharmacy. Motivational quotes and messages were painted on a wall to inspire patients as they waited in queues for medication.
Sandwiches, coffee, fruit and snacks were provided for patients on the chilly morning.

Staff of the pharmacy also gave motivational speeches to encourage patients to enrich their lives by assisting others and having a positive outlook on life.

The Colours of Hope team invited the pharmacy team and patients as well to join in the painting of the wall. This was a fun and positive way to colour the lives of the rainbow nation, celebrating the spirit of Ubuntu!

Eid Gifts 4 Syria Project with One Wish Foundation [REPORT]

Date / Duration : 07 June to 23 June 2017
TOTAL FUNDS: 182,219.26 ZAR to One Wish Foundation
130,120.00 ZAR- Zakaah – 52,099.26 ZAR- Lillaah

The war in Syria has taken its toll on people. Syrian families who have fled their homes have nothing except the clothes on their
backs. Sadly, Eid clothes is a luxury many will never be able to afford. This project specifically targeted in making a child smile at least for one day, the day of Eid celebrated with a pack of new clothes. Funds were raised for this purpose and donated to the Two Lights Foundation who in turn ensured that the funds reached One Wish Foundation. There were indeed many children in refugee camps who benefitted and had something to smile about on Eid day. A short but rewarding project indeed.

Quran Donation to Qira’ah Jalsa 2017 [REPORT]

Date / Duration : 07 May 2017
TOTAL QURANS: 90 copies

The 6th Annual Qira’ah Jalsa held on 07 May 2017, in Lenasia, was organized by the SANMWF and Al Tawhid Islamic Centre.
The objective of the annual gathering is to perfect the recital of Quran with proper tajweed (rules of recitation) and makhaarij (pronunciation). The Quran is not just the holy book of the Muslims, rather a code for the Muslims to live a good, chaste, peaceful and rewarding life in obedience to the commandments of Allah, in this life and to gain salvation in the next.

The annual Jalsa also aims to encourage the implementation, understanding and memorisation of the Quran in the daily lives of all. Guest speaker sister Nahid Farooqui stressed on the importance of understanding the Quran and not merely reading it.
Females participants were grouped into different age categories and rendered beautiful recitals.
Colours of Hope organization gifted all 90 participants with new Qurans.

Gift A Quran Gift A Musalla Project [REPORT]

Date / Duration : 24 May to 22 June 2017

Many of us have to be told to respect our Qurans, or take them out to be read. This is a privilege many of us take lightly. In 2013, prior to the formation of Colours of Hope, a letter came through to Madrasah Ummul Hasanaat. The letter was from the Sakafia Students Association desperate for Qurans. Madrasah Ummul Hasanaat, (then) soon to be Colours of Hope, responded and delivered Qurans to Kumasi, Ghana in 2013.

Due to the great response we received in in June last year, Qurans were locally distributed as well as in Ghana.
This year during Ramadan of 2017 coinciding with the Islamic lunar year 1438, Colours of Hope concentrated on local distributions. There has been several requests for prayer mats (Musalla) hence the #GiftAQuran #GiftAMusalla project.

Below is a list of Qurans distributed:

Al Azhar Islamic School, Central Durban, KwaZulu Natal
Care of Anisa Moola
• 5 Juz Arabic – 25 copies • 30 Juz Arabic – 25 copies

Baitul Ilm Maktab, Nancefield, Johannesburg, Gauteng
Care of Apa Amina Kaldien
• Towards Reading Quraan Part 1 – 40 copies • Towards Reading Quraan Part 2 – 40 copies

Community Outreach Projects, Western Cape
Br Thaabiet Sadan
Care of Ansaaf Payne
• Arabic/English Translation (Marmeduke Pickthall) – 240 copies • English translation (Abdullah Yusuf Ali) – 279 copies
• Arabic Alphabet boards – 80 pieces
• Yassarnal Quraan Part 1 – 76 copies
• Yassarnal Quraan Part 2 – 56 copies
• 30 Juz Arabic – 60 copies

Darul Aytaam Orphanage, Robertsham, Johannesburg, Gauteng
• Towards Reading Quraan Part 1 – 20 copies • Towards Reading Quraan Part 2 – 20 copies • 30 Juz Arabic – 15 copies

Eldorado Park Muslim Council, Johannesburg, Gauteng
Care of Imaam Evans
• 30 Auz Arabic – 50 copies
• Arabic/English Translation – 30 copies • 30 Juz set (small) – 1 set
• Musalla (Prayer Mats) – 80 pieces

Masjid Taqwa, Mayfair, Johannesburg, Gauteng
Care of Ali
• Uthmani Qurans – 57 copies

Samawiyya Madrassah, Eastern Machinga, Ntadukule Village, Malawi
Care of Must Mtomwa
• Yassarnal Quraan Part 1 – 200 copies
• Yassarnal Quraan Part 2 – 200 copies

Evaton Islamic Centre, Pretoria, Gauteng
Care of Shaykh Saeed and Sister Adila Amod • 30 Juz Arabic – 20 copies
• Towards Reading Quran Part 1 – 26 copies • Towards Reading Quran Part 2 – 26 copies • Arabic Alphabet board – 25 pieces
• Musalla – 20 pieces

Iftar (Syria) Appeal 2017 [REPORT]

Date / Duration : 24 May to 22 June 2017
TOTAL FUNDS: 135,415.26 ZAR to One Solid Ummah for Iftar meals 49,710.26 ZAR- Lillaah – 87,705.00 ZAR- Zakaah

For the second year in the row Colours of Hope with the help of One Solid Ummah on the ground, was able to feed many in and around the north of Syria. For just $2 per meal for Iftar in Syria, people here in South Africa were able to feed a destitute, fasting person. What a great feeling to feed our destitute, fasting brothers. One Solid Ummah’s hard work on the ground in Idlib, Syria has been and continues to be amazing. Funds were donated via PayPal through a crowdfunding page of One Solid Ummah.
We hope we can do this next year again God willing.

Donate to Colours of Hope with reference “iftar L (for lillaah) or iftar Z (for zakaah).

Songs For Syria [REPORT]

Date / Duration : 02 February 2017

Colours of Hope supported a South African National Muslim Womens Forum (SANMWF) initiative called “Songs for Syria” where various forums and volunteers sold tickets to a fund raising concert showcasing talent from South Africa. The event held on 02 April 2017 at the Wits Linder Auditorium was a lovely heart warming experience with Yusuf Abramjee and Qari Ziyaad Patel talking about the situation of orphans near the Turkish border (Reyhanl-Kilis refugee camp). Al-Imdaad is assisting IHH aid organization from Turkey in raising funds to manage the Tiny Hearts Village. Proceeds of this fund raiser went to Imdaad for an orphanage in Syria.