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Water Assist Campaign [REPORT]

Date / Duration : 08 January 2016 to 24 February 2016 TOTAL FUNDS: 40,000.00 ZAR to Salaamedia / Salaam Foundation (Borehole) TOTAL WATER: 25,550 litres to Gift Of Givers Foundation The South African Weather Service announced that 2015 was the driest year on record with no sign of abating. Those records date back to 1904. […]

Saving Syria The Sweet Way Cake Sale [REPORT]

Date / Duration : 01 November 2015 In an initiative headed by Helping Hands Loving Hearts, Colours of Hope, together with several forums and organizations donated cakes, snacks sweet and savoury to raise funds for Syria in a cake sale- “Saving Syria the Sweet Way”. This fundraiser was held on 01 November 2015 for Syria […]

Blue Love Campaign [REPORT]

Date / Duration : October 2015 For many mums in South Africa, having a baby is a distressing time. When these disadvantaged mothers do not have enough to eat themselves, how do they bring a little one into a world of poverty? While the Yemen Relief 2015 Campaign ran (during October 2015), COH assisted the […]

Yemen Relief 2015 Campaign [REPORT]

Date / Duration : 03 October 2015 to 09 November 2015 TOTAL FUNDS: 105,059.40 ZAR to Gift of Givers Foundation – 42,054.40 ZAR- Zakaah 63,005.00 ZAR- Lillaah Since March 2015 the people of Yemen have been ravaged by a bloody war between the Houthi rebels and supporters of Yemen’s internationally recognised government. In a country […]

Gaza-Malawi Campaign [REPORT]

Date / Duration : 03 March 2015 to 01 July 2015 TOTAL FUNDS: 32,250.00 ZAR to Gift of Givers Foundation – 24,350.00 ZAR – Lillaah 7,900.00 ZAR – Zakaah Heavy rains affected Malawi causing rivers to overflow, resulting in death and hundreds of thousands displaced. With insufficient resources to deal with the situation, Gift of […]

Donation to Brick for Gaza Campaign [REPORT]

Date / Duration : October 2014 to February 2015 TOTAL FUNDS: 2,000.00 ZAR to March Ladies The 2014 massacre in the Gaza strip left over 520,000 people homeless out of a population of 1.8 million. The cost to rebuild will run into hundreds of thousands of dollars if not millions. There is a lack of […]

Project Palestine [REPORT]

Date / Duration : 09 August 2014 TOTAL: 82,800.00 ZAR to Gift of Givers Foundation Gaza and the West Bank are home to one of history’s longest-running humanitarian crises. Violence and isolation have devastated the economy and social service systems, forcing nearly 50% of the population into poverty. The damage inflicted on Gaza’s power and […]

To My Sister With Love Campaign [REPORT]

Date / Duration : June 2014 For a woman with little or no toiletries life can be distressing especially during that time of the month. Imagine what this must be like for a woman in packed refugee camp. Imagine her embarrassment having to walk through a crowds of men, women and children in this condition. […]

Syria Blanket Drive [REPORT]

Date / Duration : 28 January 2014 to 25 February 2014 TOTAL: 40 000 ZAR to Gift of Givers Foundation Prompted by harsh weather conditions, the Colours of Hope Syria Blanket Drive aimed at providing blankets to keep warm as Syrians faced hypothermia after Storm Alexa hit the areas in the Middle East. This was […]

Syria Stationery Drive [REPORT]

Date / Duration : 22 October 2013 to 25 February 2014 Our aim was to give many Syrian children a chance to learn albeit in difficult situations. COH Graphic designer, who also happens to be one of the directors of COH, Rashaad Sallie, designed an eye catching logo and thus began the work of facilitating […]